[Updated] How to Choose the Best Microphone for Your iPhone?

iPhones manifest as potent tools for constructing content. Yet, capturing audio in superior quality often poses a hurdle. 

The simplest solution? Plug an external microphone into your iPhone. 

The question that now arises is - how to select the right microphone. 

Let's embark on this journey to uncover the secrets of opting for a microphone for your iPhone.

Choose The Best Microphone For Your Iphone

Benefits of an External Phone Mic

Enhanced Video Audio Quality

An external microphone guarantees superior audio quality when stacked against the in-built microphone of your phone. Without it, iPhone recordings could sound coarse, be filled with ambient noise, or plagued by echoes.

Enhanced Video Audio Quality

Sidestep Recording Ambient Noise

Good sound quality is more than just noise reduction - it's influenced by the polar pattern of the recording and other internal configurations. Modern microphones often come armed with CVC or DSP noise reduction technology that discerns and isolates the human voice from background commotion, like the hum of an air conditioner indoors or vehicular noise and wind outdoors.

Sidestep Recording Ambient Noise

Broadened Range Allows Free Movement

Using a wired headset or the iPhone itself restricts the speaker's mobility, confining them to the immediate vicinity of the device. With a wireless lapel microphone, the transmission distance can stretch to many meters, leading to richer and more diverse video content.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Wireless Microphones

Before settling, it's crucial to consider the following elements when picking out a wireless microphone for your iPhone:

Sound Quality

Wireless mics typically offer two sound qualities - digital and analog. Digital microphones transmit signals continuously, promising high recording quality. In contrast, analog wireless mics employ a compander to shrink your dynamic range of sound into a narrower frequency.


Microphones with 400MHz or above UHF are generally regarded as powerful and optimal. If you can't spot these numbers, seek out the 2.4GHz frequency band to ensure top-notch voice capture.

Recording Range

The broader the recording range, the handier the wireless microphone. Ideally, you should look for a mic that offers double the range you need. For instance, if you're vying for a 100ft range device, select one that caters to 200ft.


Lastly, opt for wireless microphones built from top-quality components. While cheaper mics might seem budget-friendly, they often lack durability and adaptability. Therefore, it's wise to choose less noisy, low-static, and low-dropout microphones with noise-reduction features and sturdy construction.

How to Use an External Mic on iPhone 15

Apple devices have consistently featured viable ways to connect external microphones. Here’s a quick rundown on how to use an external microphone with an iPhone 15:

  1. Identify the microphone's connection – a 3.5mm jack needs a Lightning (or USB-C) to 3.5mm adapter, while a USB microphone will need a Lightning (or USB-C) to USB adapter. Both Apple and third-party manufacturers provide these adapters.

  2. Connect the microphone to the adapter, then plug the adapter into your iPhone.

  3. Ensure the application you're utilizing (Camera, Voice Memos, third-party recording applications) can access the microphone. Permissions can be reviewed and granted under Settings > Privacy > Microphone.

Some apps will automatically recognize and utilize the external microphone, while others may compel you to manually assign the external microphone as your input source within the app’s configurations.

Before embarking on any important recording, conduct a swift test to confirm the sound is being accurately captured through the external microphone.


Can I Use an External Microphone for Facetime on My iPhone?

Yes, you can. Just ensure the microphone is iPhone-compatible, and it can enhance your FaceTime audio quality.

Can My Wireless Headphones Work as a Microphone on iPhone?

Absolutely. Most wireless headphones feature a built-in microphone that can be used for calls or recording on your iPhone.

How Can I Test My iPhone Microphone?

To test, use the Voice Memos app to record a brief clip and play it back to assess the audio quality.

Do All Lightning Microphones Work with iPhone?

Not necessarily. It's critical to check for compatibility with your specific iPhone model.

Can I Use My iPhone as a Microphone for My PC?

Certainly, with suitable apps like Wo Mic, you can convert your iPhone into a PC microphone.