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Why 98,800,361 Customers Choose Mobitrix?

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Mohan Mukherjee | IN

Great Software!

The software works as advertised. I used the Whatsapp backup and restore option (from Android to iPhone) and all my chats along with media and images were restored without any issues. The process is easy to follow and would not hesitate to recommend to anybody looking for a solution to transfer Whatsapp messages. Thank you to Mobitrix and keep up the good work.

Lee.T | GB

Migrated from Samsung A40 to Iphone 7+…

Migrated from Samsung A40 to Iphone 7+ no issue. Follow the instructions. Backup whatsapp chats on the Android device to internal storage (not the cloud). Then use Mobitrix to backup WhatsApp to your PC. I then removed the sim card from the Android device, put it in the iphone and logged into WhatsApp on the Iphone. Then Restore to the Iphone from the backup. Worked first time and even restored chats I had lost/dropped out of a long time ago. Well worth the £21.

Alexandwe Schmidt | DE


Speachless! It works so fast and easy. Best software to transfer from android to iOS. Happy customer.

Ali Salman | BH

i have searched the free application of…

i have searched the free application of transfering whatsapp messages for 3 days and try many of them without benefits. finally i decided to try mobitrix app because i saw good review about their quality and guarentee of transfering messages without lossing data. i have bought the liecence and restore my messages from android to iphone 13 on ios 15 successfully without lossing single data.

Why Mobitrix Is Trusted Worldwide?

Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer remains one of the best methods for android/iPhone WhatsApp transfer and vice-versa. It gets the job done quickly and easily. The Mobitirix WhatsApp transfer app is compatible with virtually all Android and iPhone devices.

‒ IMC Grupo, a leading, trusted, widely-acknowledged dedicated technology news platform with 8 million monthly readers including IT professionals, researchers, hackers, technologists, and enthusiasts.

Mobitrix is a third-party tool that lets you manage all the aspects of a WhatsApp account. The tool makes it easy to override the encryption protocols limitation of transferring WhatsApp backup.

‒ TechTimes, one of the most professional website reporting on the latest innovations and developments taking place in technology, science and health.

With this tool’s help, you can easily bypass the encryption protocols that restrict you from transferring the data directly from your google drive to your iPhone.

‒ TechCult, a popular independent blog site focused on different fixes for software such as Eclipse, Google Chrome, VLC as well as commonly faced issues, tips, and tricks regarding Microsoft Windows.

Mobitrix is the most convenient way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. It makes it easy to transfer all your contacts, files, media, and everything with ease.

‒ iLounge, an independent and exclusive information provider about Apple Inc.’s iPod, iPhone, and iPad, digital media players, accessories, news, and related softwares published online

Among the different methods of transferring WhatsApp messages, Mobitrix provides the safest and convenient approach.

‒ Phandroid, the world's first documented website reporting exclusively on Android News, recognized by officially in 2007 that ‘Android already has Phandroids".

What Benefits Can You Get from Mobitrix?

As Easy As 1,2,3

You can use our software easily even with no technical background. We also offer comprehensive user guide and video tutorials, helping you transfer data, fix phones, etc quickly and smoothly.

100% Secure Your Privacy

Our software adopts military-grade encryption technologies with SSL certificate, offering you 100% virus-free privacy protection and data security from leakage.

Better Quality, 30% Cheaper

Our US-based core R&D team consists of former Apple engineers, while basic operations are conducted by our 30% cheaper Asian branch. With better quality guaranteed, we are able to offer the best price in the market for you.

24/7 Support & Refund Guarantee

All your emails will be answered within 24 hours. Our customer team is here to troubleshoot every problem of yours. We are also proud to offer you a 30-day money back guarantee, as we have full confidence in our product quality.