How to unlock disabled iPod

This article explains the methods used to solve issues related to their iPods being disabled and recommends an excellent tool, LockAway to users.


Bradley | Sep 29,2021
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How to unlock disabled iPod

When an iPhone user enters the wrong password many times, their iPod is disabled. Also, when mobile users key in the wrong Apple ID information many times, their account will be disabled. If either your account or iPod is disabled, do not worry because this article covers various handling methods that you can use.

Why is your iPod disabled?

iPod is disabled

It is necessary to analyze what led to your iPod being disabled. Disabled issues are categorized into “iPod is disabled,” and Apple ID is disabled due to security reasons.

The issue for disabled iPod occurs when a user has keyed in an incorrect password many times consecutively. Apple ID is disabled due to security reasons issue occur when an incorrect Apple ID or password is keyed in many times consecutively or when their account is being hacked.

Unlock either the disabled iPod or the disabled Apple ID via powerful LockAway

Mobitrix LockAway- Unlock iPhone Passcode is a professional tool that enables a user to unlock their disabled iPod or Apple ID quickly and efficiently by removing the disabled iPod or Apple ID. Using this tool is easy because it only involves three steps. One can unlock their devices for a lifetime, and this makes the tool highly efficient.

LockAway is highly secure, and the user can unlock their device while at the comfort of their homes.

LockAway enables a user to remove a face ID, Touch ID, or passcode; 4-6 digits or an alphanumeric one. It also enables users to remove their Apple ID if they forgot their passwords for the Apple ID, when Apple ID has been locked, or when they cannot switch off FMI.

Mobitrix LockAway - Unlock Apple ID - Home

To remove the passcode;

1. Connect your device to a PC

2. Choose the unlock mode

3. Erase iPod lock.

How to unlock the disabled iPod

Below are the methods of unlocking your disabled iPod;

Method 1: Unlock via Computer (iTunes/Apple Finder)

iTunes allows a user to remove their iPod without deleting their data. If you had synced your iPod with a PC previously, you can restore it using the most recent backup, reset its password, and then change it to a new one.

To use this method;

1. On your PC, search for your iPod touch

2. Select the Restore option

3. iTunes download a software

4. If more than 15 minutes are consumed, the iPod touch exits recovery mode, and you will be required to repeat the above steps.

5. When the process is finished, set up your iPod and begin to use it.

This method cannot be used when users had not synced their device to a PC and backed up earlier.

Method 2: Erase iPod via recovery mode (iTunes)

If you had not synced your iPod with a PC, you could use iTunes to remove password regardless of which iPod generation you are using. After removing the password, you can restore your device’s data and settings.

iPod Touch (7th Generation)

iPod - Recovery Mode - 7th genenration

To remove on this device;

1. Ensure your device is not connected to a PC

2. Power off your device by long pressing the top or lock button and then swipe the power off slider that appears. Long press button for volume down and then connect your device to a PC using a USB

3. Release the button for volume down when the screen for recovery mode appears.

iPod Touch (6th Generation and Earlier)

iPod - Recovery Mode - 6th genenration

On this device;

1. Ensure your device is not connected to a PC

2. Power off your device by long pressing the top or lock button and then swipe the power off slider that appears.

3. Long press your device’s Home button and connect it to a PC. Continue holding the Home button until the screen for recovery mode appears.

While using this method, you require a PC and must also have backed up your data before.

Method 3: Erase iPod via DFU mode

It is highly similar to recovery mode, and if recovery mode does not work, you can use this method.

To use this method;

1. Switch off your device completely.

2. Connect your device to a PC using a USB cable.

3. Long press button for power for about 3 seconds and then long-press home button.

4. Long press the two buttons for about 10 seconds and then release the button for power.

5. Long press the button for home for 10 seconds again.

6. Release button for home when iTunes notify you that your device is in the mode for recovery.

7. Tap on restore iPod.

To use this method, you need a computer and a previous backup.

Method 4: Erase iPhone via Find My iPod (iCloud)

Erase iPod via Find My on iCloud

If a PC is not available, one can use this method to remove password using another iPad or iPhone. After a user logs into iCloud, their iPhone can be erased, and after the password is removed, one can restore their data and settings. Information loss is minimal.

To use this method;

a) On a PC, visit the website

b) Sign in using your Apple ID

c) Select find device > “All Device” > choose your iPod

d) Choose Erase iPod to reset the iPod

This method does not work if you did not back up previously.

Restoring data and settings after erasing iPod

iPod - Restore and Update on Mac Finder

When the process of removing the password is complete, restore the data and settings that you had backed up, and then set up your iPod, and you will be free to use it.

After removing your Apple ID, you can shift to a different one. You can also enjoy all services offered by iCloud and all features of Apple ID. The user can quickly turn off the feature for finding their iPad, and they cannot be tracked using the Apple ID that they were using previously.

To restore their data via iCloud backup;

1. Launch settings and click on their name

2. Click iCloud > Manage storage > Backup

3. In the section for backup, click on the entry labeled iPhone to view the date when the backup was carried out and its size.

To restore from iTunes;

1. Launch iTunes on a PC

2. Connect your device to a PC via a cable.

3. Tap on the logo of your iPhone.

4. Click on Restore in the section for backup

5. Key in your information for Apple ID to start restoring the backup.

In conclusion, this article explains the methods used to solve issues related to their iPods being disabled. LockAway is a tool that enables a user to instantly remove a disabled password or Apple ID professionally. This tool is efficient and is easy to use since it only involves few steps.

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