Mohsin Simmons

Experience & Education


Mohsin Simmons possesses a deep knowledge of various smartphone brands and their intricate components, from screens to microchips. He has excelled in troubleshooting common and rare issues, ensuring swift and effective repairs. Furthermore, Mohsin is recognized for his innovative solutions in extending device longevity and recyclability.


Mohsin obtained his B.Sc. in Business Administration with a minor in Electronics from Indiana University Bloomington in 2011.


Starting in 2012, Mohsin worked as a Phone Repair Technician at DeviceFix Hub, where he mastered the art of electronic diagnostics and device restorations. In 2016, taking his passion and skills to the next level, he founded Simmons Mobile Repairs, transforming it into a trusted community staple that repairs phones and emphasizes sustainability through recycling and refurbishing.

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