Forgot your Apple ID Password? See how easily you can recover it!

This article comprehensively provides all solutions to help you on how to recover the forgotten apple password.


Bradley | Oct 20,2021
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Forgot your Apple ID Password? See how easily you can recover it!

Without an Apple ID and its password, iPhone users cannot access their devices. This article has explained techniques a user can use to reset the password for their Apple ID if they have forgotten it.

How to reset forgotten Apple password by trusted iDevice

You can reset the password for your Apple ID on an iDevice that you had previously trusted using the following steps:

On your iPad touch, iPad, or iPhone:

  • a) Launch Settings application.
  • forgot apple password settings application
  • b) Click on your name and then Password and Security.
  • forgot apple password settings application password and security
  • c) Click on change password.
  • forgot apple password settings application change password
  • d) If you are signed up in iCloud and your passcode is enabled, a request asking you to key in the passcode will pop up.
  • e) Follow the steps that show up on the screen to reset your password.

On Mac

If you are using macOS Catalina:

  • a) Tap on the Apple icon, then System Preferences, and finally on Apple ID.
  • b) Tap on Password and Security
  • c) Tap on the change password button. Before your password for Apple ID is reset, you will be requested to enter your Mac password.

If you are using macOS Mojave and earlier on your Mac;

  • a) Click on menu for Apple > System Preferences > iCloud.
  • b) Click on Account Details
  • c) Tap on Security and then Reset Password. You will be asked to enter your Mac password before resetting your password for Apple ID.

How to reset forgotten Apple password via LockAway

Mobitrix LockAway is a tool that enables an iPhone user to delete their Apple ID account without requesting for password. This method guarantees the user that it will fix the issue 100%.

After users have deleted their Apple ID or iCloud account, they can gain back all the services offered by iCloud and all Apple ID features after they log in to another new account.

It enables iPhone users to unlock their phones if they forget their password for Apple ID, if FMI cannot be turned off, if their iPhone cannot be erased and if their Apple ID has been locked.


  • a) It is easy to delete an Apple ID account without requiring a password.
  • b) A user is not expected to download iTunes.
  • c) This method works on all versions of iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.
  • d) Your data is 100% protected due to high levels of data privacy.

To use Mobitrix LockAway;

  • a) Download Mobitrix LockAway from the internet and install it on your PC.
  • b) Connect your phone to your computer
  • c) Select the option for unlocking your Apple ID.
  • orgot apple password Mobitrix LockAway - Unlock Screen Passcode Home Menu
  • d) Click on the option for removing Apple ID and its password.

After users have removed their Apple ID, they can:

  • Shift to another Apple ID
  • Enjoy all the services that iCloud offers together with all features of Apple ID
  • Easily switch off “Find my iPhone/ iPad.”
  • Stop to be tracked using the Apple ID they were using previously.

How to reset forgotten Apple password via Find My iPhone APP

Using the Find My iPhone App, you can use another person’s device to reset your password for your Apple ID. While resetting the password:

  • a) Start the app
  • b) When the screen for Sign in shows up, ensure that the field for Apple ID is empty. If another person’s Apple ID appears, delete it. If the screen for signing in does not show up, first sign out.
  • c) Click on the option for “Forgot Apple ID or Password” and follow the steps that show up on the screen.

How to reset forgotten Apple password via Apple Support APP

If users do not have access to any of their devices, they can use their friend’s or relative’s phone. The owner of the phone is expected to install Apple Support App. After installing the app, follow the steps below:

  • a) Click on passwords and Security, which appears under Topics.
  • b) Click on the option for resetting the password for Apple ID.
  • c) Click on Get Started > Different Apple ID
  • d) Provide the Apple ID which you want to reset its password.
  • e) Click on Next and follow the procedures you see on the screen until it is confirmed that the password for your Apple ID has been changed.

Resetting password for Apple via iForgot service

iForgot service enables users to reset their password for Apple ID using recovery email or security questions, Two-Factor authentication and account recovery.

1. Recovery email or security questions

While using this method, a user is expected to enter their email for recovery or answer security questions. To reset your password:

  • a) Visit from a web browser
  • b) Key in your email address that is associated with your Apple ID.
  • forgot apple password settings apple reset via iforgot enter in
  • c) Tap on continue.
  • d) Choose the option for resetting your password and click on Continue.
  • forgot apple password settings apple reset via iforgot choose option and continue
  • e) Select the option for either receiving an email or for answering security questions, and then click on Continue.
  • forgot apple password settings apple reset via iforgot recieving emails and continue
  • f) If you choose the option for using recovery email, you will receive an email from Apple. The title of the email will be “How to reset your Apple ID password.”
  • g) Open that email and tap on Reset now.
  • h) Provide the new password that you will use.
  • i) Confirm the new password
  • j) Click on the button for resetting your password.

If in Step f above you chose the option for using security question, continue with the following:

  • a) Enter your birthday and verify it and then click on Continue.
  • b) Provide answers to the security questions that will be asked and tap on Continue.
  • c) Enter a new password and then confirm it by entering the password again.
  • d) Tap on the Reset Password button.

2. Via Two-Factor Authentication on

If a user has another trusted device such as iPad, Mac, Apple Watch or iPhone, it is advisable that they use this technique to reset their password for Apple ID.

Steps for using this technique:

  • a) Use a web browser of your choice to visit
  • b) Provide the email for your Apple ID and click on Continue.
  • c) Key in the phone number that has been linked to your Apple ID.
  • d) Click on the Continue button. You will be requested to select a device that is connected to that Apple ID account.
  • e) Choose the device that is linked to your account.
  • f) Click on Allow.
  • g) Provide the passcode for the device that you chose and click on Done.
  • h) Provide a new password for your Apple ID.
  • i) Re-enter the password so that you verify it.
  • j) Click on Next > Done.

3. Via account recovery

If iPhone users cannot access any trusted device, they can opt for this method.

The steps for using account recovery are:

  • a) Visit
  • b) Tap on the “Forgot Apple ID or password.”
  • c) Provide your Apple ID and then tap on Continue
  • d) Choose the for resetting your password > Continue.
  • e) Provide your Recovery Key and click on Continue. Without the Recovery Key, you cannot reset your password using this technique.
  • f) Select a trusted device that will receive the recovery code.
  • g) Key the recovery code.
  • h) You will be requested to enter a new password. Do exactly that, and then retype the password to confirm it.
  • i) Tap on the Reset Password option, and your password will be reset.

What if nothing above works?

If the methods outlined above do not work, you are advised to ask for help from Apple Support. This can be done by scheduling a call or by going to the nearest Apple store. You will be expected to prove that the Apple ID is yours by providing personal information.


To reset your Apple ID password, you can use Mobitrix LockAway, the Find My iPhone application, Apple Support App and iForgot service. From the methods, Mobitrix LockAway is the recommended method because it works on all devices, secures users data, and it is guaranteed that it will work.

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