[Works 100%] How to Transfer Your WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iCloud

This article will show you how to tackle the challenges of transferring WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud with actionable steps. Read now.


Bradley | Sep 14,2021
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How to Transfer Your WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iCloud

Is there a way one can move whatsapp back up from google drive to icloud? I used Samsung S8+ for several years and most important WhatsApp messages were backed up via Google drive. I have just recently purchased an iPhone 13 and have no idea to restore my whatsapp from Google drive onto iCloud. ’ – From discussions.apple.com

We get it.

The last thing you want is to lose all your contacts, media files, and app data just because you got a new phone.

But it gets trickier when you’re switching from being an Android user to joining the iOS world.

Here you're more likely to ask the question, "How can I directly transfer my WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud?”

Well, while Google Drive might seem as one of the best ways to back-up your WhatsApp messages on your Android device, its encryption protocols aren't the same as iCloud.

This gap makes it directly impossible for you to transfer your WhatsApp data from an Android to an iPhone.

restore whatsapp from google drive to icloud

But there’s a way out.

Instead of falling down a rabbit hole as you try to find a way out, you can skip the rigid cloud service processes for a reliable third-party transfer tool --Mobitrix.

That’s not all.

Your data and files aren’t shared with anyone so your privacy and security remains protected.

Here’s how we’ve made this WhatsApp transfer tool the safest, faster alternative for you…

Mobitrix: The Best Solution for Transferring Your WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iCloud

Due to WhatsApp’s set rules, iPhone users can only back-up and restore WhatsApp data from iCloud.

As for Android users, they can only back-up and restore WhatsApp data from Google drive.

As a result, WhatsApp doesn't allow you to switch data across-board if you're changing platforms completely.

Hence, using its general method of data transfer available won't work for you as an Android user that’s looking to switch to an iPhone.

This is also due to the different encryption protocols that exist for the different cloud services as we mentioned earlier.

That’s why we've taken the time to break down exactly how you can work around this rigid method using a much easier and better alternative.

As an extra tip, we’ve also included how you can easily back-up your WhatsApp data on your new iPhone to iCloud if you want to.

That said, here are the 3 simple phases involved in transferring WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud [Note: no technical knowledge is required for any of them]:

1st Phase: Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to Your Android Device

Before you can get started with moving your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud, you’ll need to first, restore the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to your current Android device.

Here’s how to go about that…

  1. Uninstall the WhatsApp package on your Android device and then re-install.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your Android device and follow the on-screen prompts that come up to set up WhatsApp and also confirm your phone number.
  3. Click on “Restore” when prompted in the next window to start restoring the backup to your device.
  4. Once the restoration process is complete, tap “Next” to continue and finish setting up WhatsApp.

Note: You must use the same phone number that you used in creating the backup, not a different phone number.

restore whatsapp messages android

Here’s What You’ll Need to Make this Phase Successful:

There are some requirements you’ll need to ensure you don't encounter hitches in this phase. Without these, it would be almost impossible for you to move ahead with restoring your WhatsApp backup from Google drive.

You’ll need:

  • Adequate Storage: Google drive has made it possible for you to store large data files up to 15GB for free but if you don’t have enough storage, the process of restoring your WhatsApp backup would get disrupted.
  • An Activated Phone: You’ll need to activate your phone with your connected email address and password. You’ll also need to ensure that you’re using and have access to the same Google account and original phone number for your WhatsApp account.

2nd Phase: Use Mobitrix to Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Your Android to the iPhone

Next, it’s time for you to transfer the restored WhatsApp data to your iPhone.

To make this phase super easy, we developed an exclusive third-party tool called the Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer.


Well, you deserve a stress-free alternative for moving your WhatsApp data between devices whether they’re run by the same cloud services or not.

And that’s the freedom we created the Mobitrix tool to offer you.

With this easy-to-use third-party tool, you get to transfer all your WhatsApp data from your Android to an iPhone device.

How? It’s as easy as following these simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer to your computer.

connect the 2 device to pc

Step 2: Connect both the Android device and the iPhone to your computer using USB cables. Then, wait for the program to detect both devices.

the device successfully connected

Step 3: When you’ve confirmed that the devices are connected and in their right order, click on “Transfer” to begin the transfer process.

start to transfer whatsapp messages

Note: Keep the devices connected to your computer until the transfer process is complete. Once the transfer process is complete, all your WhatsApp messages will be immediately made available on your iPhone.

But, Why Should You Choose the Mobitrix WhatsApp Data Management Tool for Your WhatsApp Data Transfers?
  • 1-click to Transfer WhatsApp Data: If you want a stress-free, quicker and easier way to transfer WhatsApp backup between your Android and iPhone devices, then you're just a click away.
  • Transfers All Chats, Files & Attachments:All your WhatsApp chat history and attachments -- including texts, images, videos, emojis, voice recordings, files, etc. – will get transferred without hassles.
  • Provides FREE Backup for WhatsApp: Now, you can back-up your WhatsApp data on both your Android and iPhone devices to your computer. What's more? There's no limit on the storage capacity for all your memorable WhatsApp messages.
  • Protected Privacy: We respect your privacy and to keep it protected, all of your WhatsApp data or other information are left on your computer and won’t be shared.
  • All-inclusive & VersatileIt: There are no restrictions to the platforms it supports. From all Android devices running all versions of the Android OS to all iOS devices running all versions of the iOS firmware, you’re completely covered.

3rd Phase: Transfer WhatsApp Data from the iPhone Back to WhatsApp and Back-up to iCloud

Now that you’ve successfully transferred your WhatsApp messages and files to your iPhone, it’s time to back them up to iCloud.

Making this phase the final, successful step in completing the process of transferring your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud.

Here's how to fully back-up your WhatsApp data to iCloud on your iPhone:

  1. First, ensure that your iPhone is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network and that it’s also well charged. Next, open the Settings on your iPhone and tap on your name.
  2. Scroll down to locate “iCloud” and tap on it. Then, tap on “iCloud Drive” to turn it “On”.
  3. enable icloud backup iphone
  4. Sign in to your iCloud account if you aren’t already signed in. If you are signed in, skip this step to the next.
  5. Go back to Settings > iCloud and the turn-on "Backup iCloud" section to select “Backup now”. Immediately, your device will begin to back-up all the data on your device including your WhatsApp data.
  6. transfer whatsapp to iphone via icloud

Once this backup process is complete, all the data that was originally on your Google Drive account will be made available on your iCloud account.

Now, you can restore the backup to your iPhone if you need to.

Extra Tip: How You Can Free Up Space on Your iCloud Storage without Buying More Space.

As you keep using WhatsApp, its data keeps expanding as well. This is because all the gifs, stickers, videos, etc. can quickly clog up space and increase the size of your WhatsApp data.

With this happening, the amount of content you keep in iCloud and what you need to backup could run you out of free space faster than you expect.

Plus, you'll still need some free space in iCloud to keep other important data and not just your WhatsApp data alone.

When this happens, it always seems you've only got two choices: 1)delete some files or 2)buy more iCloud storage.

The good news is…the Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer tool comes with an add-on for free back-up on your computer while still keeping your privacy protected.

Yes, all your WhatsApp data and any other information are kept on your computer and won't be released or shared.

Moreover, your data gets backed up according to time so you can choose whenever you want to have it restored.

Wrapping It Up…

In summary, we touched on why it's impossible to directly transfer WhatsApp data from an Android device to an iPhone.

But there are also many reasons why you might need to transfer data from one device to another.

And when this need arises, you wouldn’t want to lose all your data, memorable WhatsApp messages, files, etc.

We also laid out steps on how you can easily take out the headache in transferring WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud using our exclusive third-party tool – Mobitrix.

With the Mobitrix tool, you get to solve the issues that come with restoring data from Google Drive to iCloud, backing up future data, and also backing up data to iCloud.

Plus, you can use this tool to free up some storage space in iCloud and still keep your information secured – without paying for more space or deleting files.

The best part…all it takes is a single click.

So, ready to choose the safest, easier and cheapest way for transferring your WhatsApp data from Google Drive to iCloud?

Mobitrix is here to take you through without hassles.

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