This Is What to Do If Your iPhone Keeps Crashing

Mohsin Simmons | Aug 25, 2022

Repair shop owner and technician. He handles hundreds of problematic iPhones per month. He is experienced in identifying iPhone problems and troubleshooting in the most efficient way.

Being an iPhone owner is exciting. But imagine the terror when you were attending a meeting, calling a friend, or simply surfing the internet on your iPhone, and boom…your iPhone crashed?

Frustrating right? As a smartphone engineer, I have repaired tens of thousands of crashed iPhones until now. Here I will cover a few quick fixes for you when your iPhone keeps crashing. Keep reading!

An iPhone crashed

An iPhone crashed

Why does my iPhone keep crashing?

Let's admit it. Nearly all operating systems have bugs. And iOS is no exception. 90% of the time, an iPhone keeps crashing because there are some system or software issues going on. Others factor include:

  • Update errors
  • Malware attacks
  • Driver instability
  • Hardware problems

That said, I've optimally arranged all the effective fixes for various situations below. It can help you focus on the particular solution you are looking for to fix your crashed iPhone.

If your iPhone can still be turned on, refer to Methods 1, 2, 3, and 6.1. If not, I recommend you use Method 6.2 and 6.3, as addressed in depth below.

iPhone keeps crashing? How to fix?

Method 1: Turn off the problematic application


If you have an app that keeps randomly crashing yet still running in the background, you need to kill it as it may be the cause of your iPhone crashing.

Open your iPhone’s app switcher and wipe up those applications from the bottom of the screen.

Quick tip on how to open your app switcher:

  • iPhone 8 and earlier: Double click your iPhone’s home button.
  • update ios system

  • iPhone X and later: From the bottom of your iPhone’s screen, swipe up to the center of the screen
  • update ios system

Method 2: Clear storage and memory on your iPhone

Cleaning off your iPhone’s storage and data can improve your device’s efficacy. When you wipe out all the unnecessary junk stored in your Safari cache, you will notice a clear improvement in your iPhone’s speed. Your iPhone will run much faster and smoother than before.

To clear the storage and memory on your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on the “Accounts and Password” option.
  3. Look for “Safari” and click on it.
  4. Tap on the “Clear Both History and Cache” option.

Method 3: Update iOS

update ios system

Outdated iOS can give you a headache, since your iPhone’s operating system may be more likely to crash. To save your iPhone from such hassle, you should update your iPhone. Don't know how? Let me guide you through it.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Click “Software Update”
  4. If an update for your iPhone is available, download and install it. If there isn’t any software to update, you will be notified.

Method 4: Restart iPhone

How does restarting your iPhone help? Well, it clears your iPhone memory and kills all the running apps on your iPhone. All minor issues disrupting your iPhone can be fixed with a restart.

  • iPhone X or 11: Long-press the volume or side button until a pop-up for power off appears. Drag the slider towards the option for Close. Long-press the side button again until Apple’s logo appears.
  • iPhone SE, 8, 7, or 6: Long-press the side button until the power off slider is shown. Drag the popped up slider towards the option for "Close". Long-press the side button again until Apple’s logo appears.
  • iPhone SE, 5, or earlier: Long-press the button at the top right corner of your phone and wait for the power off slider pops up. Drag the slider towards the option for "Close". Long-press the side button again until Apple’s logo appears.

Method 5: Hard reset

Sometimes your iPhone may get unresponsive and refuse to restart, or simply appears to be frozen. When this happens, you can try force restarting your iPhone, which will make it quickly power off and then restart. This can fix the iPhone crashing problem effectively.

  • iPhone 6s or earlier: Long press the home and power button of your iPhone until you see the Apple logo disappear and then reappear. You can then release the buttons.
  • iPhone 7: Long press the volume down button and the power button of your iPhone until you see the Apple logo disappear and then reappear.
  • iPhone 8 or newer: Press and release the volume up and down button of your iPhone, then long-press the side button until you see the Apple logo.
enter recovery mode

enter recovery mode

Method 6: Reinstall iOS

If restarting didn’t work for you and you are still facing an iPhone crashing issue, you can then try reinstalling your iOS. It will erase all your iPhone’s data and settings and clear your iPhone from any bugs and malware.

But first, click here to learn how to create a backup. You don't want to lose your data, do you?

There are various methods you can use to restore iOS.

1.1 Use iPhone settings:

You can restore your iPhone to defaults via settings, which will reinstall its operating system.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. Select the “Restore all Settings and Contents” option.

1.2 Use computer:

  1. Open Settings and click on your iPhone name at the top.
  2. Choose your iPhone name from the list at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap on the “Find My iPhone” feature.
  4. Open “Tunes” from your computer and connect your iPhone with the computer with a USB cable.
  5. Press “Restore” from the Summary tab.

You will need the latest version of iTunes installed on your pc if you want to reinstall your iOS via this method. It will also erase all your data.

2. Use an Advanced Tool – Perfix

Unable to power on your iPhone? No worries. I suggest you try Mobitrix Perfix. It’s a professional tool specially made to solve iOS system issues and iTunes problems. I am certain it can help you fix your iPhone crashing problems with guaranteed success.

Launch Mobitrix Perfix

Launch Mobitrix Perfix

  1. Download and launch Perfix on your computer

  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer, and wait for Perfix to recognize your iPhone.
  3. Download the needed firmware.
  4. Select option for “Standard Repair Mode”.

Advantages of using Perfix are:

  • No need to download iTunes or Finder.
  • No data will be lost.
  • All steps involved are simple.
  • It supports all iOS versions

3. Use iTunes via DFU Mode

DFU is a risky mode but will help restore your iPhone and fix your problems.

To enter DFU mode, follow the steps based on your model.

For iPhone 6S or earlier: Long press the Sleep button while pressing the home button for like 8 seconds after which you release the Sleep button and not the home button. Keep pressing the home button up to when your iPhone is recognized by the computer.

restart iPhone 6 series and earlier iPhone models

restart iPhone 6 series and earlier iPhone models

For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Long press the Side button while pressing the volume button for like 8 seconds after which you release the Side button and not the volume button. Keep pressing the volume button until your iPhone is recognized by the computer.

restart iPhone 7 series

restart iPhone 7 series

For iPhone 8 or newer: Press the volume up button then release, do the same for the down volume button. Long-press the side button of the phone. Once you see a black screen, long-press the down volume button. Long press these buttons but release the Side button after 5 seconds while holding the volume down button. Follow the instructions that will display.

restart iPhone 8 series and later iPhone models

restart iPhone 8 series and later iPhone models

The disadvantages of this method are:

  • You must have iTunes' latest version installed.
  • The process is complicated.
  • Your iPhone data will be lost.

What to do if no methods work?

If you have tried and tested all the above methods and nothing has worked out for you, I suggest you reach out to Apple's official support website. And if for any reason, this also doesn’t work, then you have no choice left but to take your crashed iPhone to your nearby Apple store.


We all love our iPhones, and we want them to stay in good shape. It’s annoying for any iPhone user who suffers from random iPhone crashes. I have seen many of my customers getting troubled because of this issue.

Hopefully, this detailed article will shed some light. You can use these quick fixes to turn your iPhone to use again.

I believe that Mobitrix Perfix alone would be an ideal solution for you. I am positive that by using this tool, your iPhone crashing issues will vanish within no time.

If you are still unable to fix your crashed iPhone, then you should seek official help from Apple.

Chio and good luck to you!