(100% Working) How to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death

See how easily you can fix the black screen of death on iPhone in 5 ways, and prevent the iPhone black screen of death from happening again.


Campbell Adams | Last Updated: Feb 25, 2022
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(100% Working) How to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death

Whenever your iPhone is stuck at the black screen, it implies that it is either damaged due to water, a fall, a software crushing, or the battery level of the iPhone is low. If the cause of your iPhone getting stuck at the black screen of death is due to a hardware issue, then you should take it to an Apple store for repair. However, if other causes are why the iPhone is stuck on the black screen, this article will guide you on fixing this.

Part 1. How to fix iPhone black screen of death

1. Force restart your iPhone

Restart your iPhone to restart all the services and hopefully fix your iPhone. Moreover, ensure the iPhone is charged to ensure that it isn't a low battery issue. To force restart your iPhone, the procedure depends on your iPhone model.

For iPhone 7 Plus or 7, do this: long-press the down volume button for your iPhone and the power button simultaneously until the iPhone restarts.

iphone black screen of death- iPhone7s

For iPhone 8 or newer models: press then release the up-volume button, then press and release the down-volume button. Long-press the power button of the iPhone until it restarts.

iphone black screen of death - iPhone8

For iPhone 6s or other earlier models: long-press both the Home and Power buttons simultaneously until the iPhone restarts.

iphone black screen of death- iPhone6 and earlier versions

2. Put your iPhone into Recovery Mode

If restarting the iPhone doesn't fix the black screen of death, restore your iPhone using recovery mode in iTunes with no data loss involved to fix the iPhone using the steps below.

  • i. Ensure you have a laptop with iTunes, latest version, installed, then connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • ii. If prompted, enter your passcode, then choose the option that you trust the computer.
  • iii. If iTunes recognizes your iPhone, it means you had previously synced in with iTunes. So, click the option for "Back Up Now", then click "Restore iPhone". The last step is to click "Restore Backup".
  • iphone black screen of death fix iphone without itnes
  • iv. If your iTunes is not recognized, long-press the Home and power buttons simultaneously until the iPhone displays the recovery mode screen.
  • v. When prompted to update or restore, click update.
  • vi. iTunes will then reinstall and fix your iOS.
  • vii. Once the iPhone is reinstalled, it will restart.

Using recovery mode should fix your iPhone once iTunes reinstalls the iOS.

3. Fix your iPhone safely and effectively

If the already tried methods above did not fix your iPhone from the black screen of death, it's time you try using an iOS repair tool, Perfix, to fix the problem. Perfix is third-party software that is easy to use and convenient in fixing most iOS problems, including the iPhone black screen.

Perfix Features:

  • i. Perfix ensures your data is not lost.
  • ii. Perfix can fix other problems with your iPhone, such as the Activation lock.
  • iii. Perfix works with all iOS devices.
  • iv. Using Perfix is much simpler, unlike iTunes.
  • v. Perfix can fix your iPhone even if it's not operational.

The steps to use Perfix include:

  • 1. Download and install Perfix.
  • 2. Open Perfix on your computer, then connect your iPhone.
  • 3. Click "Standard Mode" > "Next".
  • iphone black screen of death via standard-repair
  • 4. Click "Download". This will download the needed firmware by Perfix to fix your iPhone.
  • 5. Click" Start" and let the process complete smoothly.
  • iphone black screen of death via perfix start

Once Perfix completes the process to fix your iPhone, restart the iPhone. The black screen of death should be removed, and you can now peacefully use your iPhone.

4. Restore your iPhone via iTunes

If your device was connected to iTunes, then using this method, you will be able to back up your data before you proceed to restore the iPhone. However, if you have no previous backup made using iTunes, you can easily fix your iPhone using a tool that ensures your data won't be lost. Use Perfix as shown in the step above, and your data will remain intact as your iPhone is being fixed.

To proceed to use iTunes, do the following:

  • 1. Open iTunes on your computer, then connect your iPhone using a cable to the computer.
  • 2. Click on your iPhone, then click "Restore iPhone".
  • 3. Click "Restore" to restore your iPhone to its default settings and wipe out all the data.
  • iphone black screen of death via restore with itunes
  • 4. iTunes will then factory reset your iPhone.
  • 5. Once done, the iPhone will restart, and the black screen of death will be fixed on your iPhone.
  • 6. You can then restore your iPhone backup.

5. Put your iPhone into DFU Mode

Having tried the above steps, and none has worked to solve your black screen of death on your iPhone, you can proceed to use DFU mode. However, this method of fixing your iPhone will cause a loss of data. So, ensure you have a backup or create one using tools like Mobitrix. Moreover, only use DFU mode when sure that it's not a physical problem affecting your iPhone.

Once you have your backup, proceed with the steps below.

  • 1. Close all apps running on your computer, then connect your iPhone using a cable to the computer.
  • 2. Once connected, long-press for about 3 seconds the iPhone's power button.
  • 3. While still holding the power button, long-press, for 10 seconds, the down-volume button. If Apple's logo appears, repeat the steps.
  • 4. If the Apple logo doesn't appear, release the iPhone's Power button but hold on to the down-volume button for 5 seconds more.
  • 5. Once a message of iTunes has detected your iPhone appears, follow the next screen instructions that display and restore the iPhone.

Once the process completes, restart your iPhone and restore the backup. The black screen death of death should have been fixed.

6. How to fix an iPhone screen of death caused by hardware problems

If hardware damage occurred on your iPhone, such as if the iPhone accidentally fell on the ground or inside water, the article recommends you take the iPhone to an Apple store for them to fix it. Ensure you take your iPhone documents with you when taking the iPhone for repair.

Part 2. Tips to prevent iPhone black screen of death

Check the App

If your iPhone goes into the black screen when a given app is opened, try to clear the app's cache to remove unnecessary junk files. Open Settings > the app > click the option to clear the cache.

If no specific app is causing this, reset the defaults of your iPhone without losing your data. Open Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings.

iphone black screen of death via reset

You can also update the app causing problems using the steps below.

  • 1. Open App Store
  • 2. Click "Updates".
  • iphone black screen of death software update
  • 3. Next to the specific app, click the option to "Update" to update the app or click "Update All" to update all your apps.
  • 4. Once updated, restart your iPhone, and this should solve the black screen if an app caused it.


Various reasons can cause your iPhone to enter the black screen of death. This article covered the various reasons that can cause this and how you can fix this by ensuring physical protection of your iPhone and using the methods discussed to fix your iPhone.

The methods discussed in the article offer various ways of fixing the iPhone. Some cause data loss, while others are complicated. The article recommends using Perfix, a quick and easy-to-use iOS repair tool that fixes your iPhone from the black screen effectively and safely. Try Perfix, and you will regain back your iPhone instantly.

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