How to Unlock an Android Phone from Different Carriers?

Encountering a carrier lock on your phone can be incredibly frustrating. However, the situation isn’t as hopeless as it may seem. 

This article will introduce you step by step to the unlocking process of the four major mainstream operators.

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Within the scope of this article, owing to space constraints, we focus solely on the unlocking procedures for four major network providers: AT&T, Verizon, Boost Mobile, and T-Mobile. If your phone doesn't belong to any of these four carriers, you can still keep reading because they all have a lot in common with their unlocking methods.

Unlock Android Phone to Any Network

Ensure Your Phone’s Compatibility with the New Network Before Unlocking

Before embarking on the unlocking process, it’s crucial to ascertain that your phone is compatible with the intended carrier’s network. 

To quickly verify compatibility, use the following steps:

  1. Locate your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device.

  2. Visit the prospective carrier’s website and find the IMEI compatibility tool.

  3. Input your phone’s IMEI number to check network compatibility.

Here’s how to find the IMEI: Navigate to Settings > Click "About Phone" to view the IMEI.

How to Unlock a Verizon Phone?

If your phone meets the requirements, Verizon will automatically unlock your phone 60 days after purchase or 60 days after activation if it is a replacement phone.

Check Unlocking Eligibility:

  • Ensure your device has been active on the Verizon network for at least 60 days.

  • Confirm that your device is not reported as lost or stolen.

  • Ensure that your account is in good standing (no overdue balance or evidence of fraud).

If you plan to use your Verizon device internationally, or if you experience a problem after the 60-day period, simply call Verizon Support at 800-922-0204 or go to the Verizon Troubleshooting website for assistance.

How to Unlock an AT&T Phone?

Unlocking a phone tethered to AT&T’s network requires adherence to a set of specific conditions:

  • The phone must be intended for AT&T’s network.

  • It should not be marked as lost, stolen, or associated with fraudulent activity.

  • All service obligations and installment plans should be fully up-to-date.

  • If applicable, early termination fees must be completely settled, otherwise pay outstanding fees and reattempt after 48 hours.

  • The phone must not be linked to another AT&T customer’s active account.

  • For prepaid phones, a minimum of six months of active service is necessary.

  • Company-owned devices necessitate authorization from the business.

Once these criteria are met, follow these steps to unlock your AT&T phone:

  1. Visit the AT&T Unlock Your Device webpage( and click on “Start an unlock request.”

At&T Device Unlock Page With Unlock Your Device Highlighted

  1. Input your 10-digit mobile number or the IMEI number if you’re no longer with AT&T, then submit the request form. Click “Next” to proceed.

At&T Unlock Page With Mobile Phone Field Highlighted

  1. A confirmation email will be sent by AT&T. Click the link within 24 hours to confirm.

  2. Within two business days, AT&T will provide the unlock instructions or codes via text or email.

To monitor your unlock request’s progress, revisit the AT&T Unlock Your Device page and click on “Check Your Unlock Status.”

At&T Device Unlock Page With Check Your Unlock Status Highlighted

How to Unlock an Android Phone from Boost Mobile?

Unlocking a phone on the Boost Mobile network requires a specific set of conditions:

  • Unlock codes can vary between different Android models. Ensure you receive and use the correct code for your specific device.

  • Boost Mobile requires you to ensure that the prepaid amount of your Android device is paid off in full before it will unlock your phone for you.

To unlock your Android phone from Boost Mobile, follow these simple steps:

  1. Please contact Boost Mobile Customer Service Center (833-502-6678) to request an unlock code for your device.

  2. The customer service representative will provide you with the unlock key and detailed instructions tailored to your device.

  3. Enter the provided unlock code into your Android phone. Depending on your phone model, you might input the code into a specific field or dial it like a phone number.

  4. Confirm the code entry to complete the unlocking process.

How to Unlock a Phone on T-Mobile?

To unlock your T-Mobile device, follow these guidelines:

  • The device in question must have been purchased from T-Mobile.

  • It should have a clear history—not reported lost, stolen, or blocked.

  • The corresponding account must maintain a good standing.

  • Fulfillment of all specified unlocking prerequisites for either Postpaid or Prepaid services is required.

If you meet the unlocking requirements, you can dial 611 from a T-Mobile phone or 1-877-746-0909 from any phone and follow the prompts to complete the unlocking process.

How Do I Know if My Android Phone Is Carrier Locked?

To check if your Android phone is locked by your carrier:

  1. Power off your phone.

  2. Eject the SIM card using the supplied SIM ejector tool or a small paperclip for newer phones. For older models with removable batteries, pop off the back cover to access the SIM card.

  3. Consult your phone’s user manual if you're uncertain about the ejection method.

  4. Insert a SIM card from a different carrier.

  5. Power on the phone and observe if it asks for an unlock code—a typical sign of a locked phone.

  6. Attempt to make a call. If the call goes through, your phone is unlocked. If you encounter any errors, the phone likely has a carrier lock and will require unlocking to use another service provider’s SIM card.

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To summarize, we have detailed the unlocking methods to bypass the four major carriers for you. If your phone doesn't belong to any of these carriers, you can visit the corresponding carrier's website to check the unlocking method.

By the way, if you have forgotten your phone password and need to unlock your phone, we highly recommend you to try Mobitrix LockAway, which can unlock your phone with one click without any professional skills and without losing any data.


Is Unlocking an Android Phone Legal?

Yes, unlocking an Android phone is legal in numerous jurisdictions. However, it is advisable to review the regulations specific to your country.

What Are the Benefits of Unlocking My Android Phone?

Unlocking your Android phone offers several advantages: the flexibility to change service providers, the convenience of utilizing international SIM cards when abroad, and typically, an increase in the phone’s resale value.

Can All Android Phones Be Carrier Unlocked?

While the majority of Android phones are eligible for unlocking, it’s prudent to confirm with your carrier or the phone’s manufacturer to ensure your particular model is capable of being unlocked.