How Do I Retrieve My Registration Code?

Here you can retrieve your registration code if you run into the following situation:

  • Have not received your registration code after your purchase.
  • The code was lost during a computer crash or change.
  • You have upgraded your product, and need the new registration code.
Enter the order number or the e-mail you used to place the order.
  1. If you enter the e-mail you used to place the order, the registration code will be sent directly to your email, please check your email box to find the code.
  2. If you enter the order number, for example "MOBITRIX21XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX", the registration code will be displyed on this page, please copy the code and paste on the registration winodows in the software.
  3. If you've placed the order successfully but it prompts "order does not exist" when you try to search, please allow 30~60 minutes until the order goes into effect in our database. If you don't receive the code after 2 hours, please contact our support team for further assistance.