Mobitrix - Data Privacy

Android/iPhone to PC

1. Your WhatsApp data is transferred through the USB cable to your computer. This only involves transmission between your hardware, it will not involve any network transmission.

2. Mobitrix extract WhatsApp data from the iPhone only through Apple’s official data interface.

3. Extracting WhatsApp data from Android phones would require the assistance from the developer version of WhatsApp. Even though the developer version of WhatsApp has a different name, it still uses the Official WhatsApp data interface for the transmissions.

PC to Android/iPhone

Mobitrix only uses USB cable to transfer WhatsApp data onto iPhone/Android, instead of any internet servers.

Chat data stored in the computer:

WhatsApp data backed up onto the computer will only be stored on your computer’s local hard drive.


We commit to strictly follow all user privacy protection terms. Your privacy is well protected while using Mobitrix WhatsApp Data Transfer.