Connect Android Phone to Computer: Easy Steps

How to Get Your Android Phone Recognized by Mobitrix?

To ensure that your Android phone is successfully recognized by our program, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Android to computer with original USB cable.

  2. Start to enable USB debugging.

  3. After completing step 2, unlock the Android device and click on ‘Trust This Computer’.

How to enable USB debugging

Please follow the instructions of Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer to enable USB debugging for your Android device.

  1. Click the "Device Connected but not recognized?" on the bottom.
  2. device not recognized

  3. Click "Start Debugging" on the pop-up.
  4. start debugging
  5. Select the brand and model of your device.
  6. select android brand and model
  7. Follow the instruction on the pop-up windows.
  8. When you enable the USB debugging feature, some devices may ask permission of installing via USB. Please select ‘YES’ and give the permission, or you may face unpredicted issues during the transferring process.
  • The instruction interface may differ from the actual screen on your phone, because you have different Brand or Model as in the example. Therefore, please try to enable debugging feature in following two ways:
  • For example, if you have Samsung Galaxy S21, you may google "Samsung Galaxy S21 enable USB Debugging" to get more information.
  • open usb debugging

What if you already enabled debugging, but the device still could not be recognized?

  1. First, check if your USB cable working properly.

    • USB cable works properly: You will see pop-up windows in both PC and mobile device when you plug in your phone. If you see these notifications, it means the USB cable working properly in most of the situations.
    • USB cable or port unstable: You need to change to another USB cable or Port if you see "Unstable USB connection" on your PC.
    • USB cable or port dysfunction: if you don’t see any notifications on PC or Phone when connected, your USB cable or port is dysfunction. You need to change your USB cable or port.
  2. You would need to install a USB drive to solve the issue if you enabled debugging and the USB cable worked properly.
    • However, in most cases, Windows system will install UBS driver automatically when connecting your Android phone.

USB Drive Installation

  1. Please use the following link to check and install the USB drive.
  2. If your device still cannot be recognized, you may try to use these links to search USB driver by Brand and Model.