iPhone 7 Stuck on Apple Logo? Here’s The Real Fix

Ciaran Crawford | Feb 06, 2024 7 min read

A seasoned mobile phone engineer with deep knowledge of smartphone hardware and software integrations.

Force Restart

If you don’t have a computer with you, then force restarting your iPhone 7 is the most handy fix for you. It will not alter your iPhone settings or data in any way. It will simply force your iPhone 7 to end all running activities, including the faulty ones, and then reboot anew. This way, some minor glitches can be fixed. And you may get your iPhone 7 back to normal.

  1. Long press both the volume down button and the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple logo.
  2. Then release both buttons. As your iPhone 7 turns back on, the Force restart process is completed.
Force Restart iPhone 7

Update iOS

You should now update your iPhone 7’s system to eliminate any bugs or malware that make your iPhone 7 stuck on the Apple logo again.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.
  2. iPhone Software Update
  3. Tap on Automatic Updates, and switch on Automatically Install and Download iOS Updates.
  4. Automatically Install and Download iOS Updates in iPhone Settings

Clean iPhone space

Clear storage space might also help your iPhone 7 to run smoothly. Here’s how to check your iPhone storage. Go to Settings > General > [Device] Storage. Then you can choose what apps to delete.

Check iPhone Storage Space

If a force restart doesn’t solve the issue, then most likely your iPhone is suffering issues much more severe, like the iOS is completely corrupt. And you’ll need advanced solutions like below, also with the help of a computer.

Fix it with a professional iOS repair tool - Mobitrix Perfix

You can get your iPhone 7 out of the frozen Apple logo screen in just minutes with Mobitrix Perfix. It is a professional tool developed by world-class iOS experts. So you can save up on all those store repair charges and fix your iPhone 7 right at home, without using iTunes or without any data loss. It fully supports iPhone 5s to iPhone 15 and iOS 17 and earlier versions.

Mobitrix Perfix - Get Started! - Main Interface


  1. Download, install and launch Mobitrix Perfix program.
  2. Connect your iPhone 7 to a computer.
  3. Click on the Start option in the main menu.
  4. Select Screen Stuck and then click on Fix Now.
    Mobitrix Perfix Fix iPhone Screen Stuck Issue
  5. Select Standard Repair mode to resolve.
  6. Mobitrix Perfix Standard Repair
  7. Wait for the repair process to complete. Once done, your iPhone 7 should no longer be stuck on the Apple logo.

Fix it with iTunes

You can also reinstall your iOS with iTunes. iTunes is an Apple-launched media management platform, sometimes used to update or restore iPhones and iPads. There are mainly two ways to go about it.

Via recovery mode

The recovery mode is an inherent repair mode within an iPhone. Once activated, it allows iTunes to detect and fix the issues in the iPhone 7 by upgrading or restoring its operating system.

Before proceeding, make sure you do these:

  1. Backup your important iPhone data, as this method can cause data loss.
  2. Update your iTunes to the latest version. For this, you need to know which macOS your Mac runs on. If your Mac runs on macOS Mojave or earlier, you need to open iTunes. And if your Mac runs on macOS Catalina or later, you need to open Finder.
  3. Remove the third-party security software on your PC.
  4. Do not plug your iPhone into the USB port of your PC keyboard, but to the PC port directly.
  5. Do note that you must close and reopen iTunes if it is already open.

Here is how you reinstall iOS via recovery mode:

Activate Recovery Mode in iPhone 7
  1. Long press the side button and the volume down button. Keep holding both the buttons together until the recovery mode appears on the screen.
  2. Detect your iPhone 7 on the computer. Initially, select Update to reinstall the iOS software while preserving your data. Should 'Update' fail, opt for Restore to reset your device to factory settings, which will erase all data.
  3. Update or Restore iPhone using iTunes
  4. Now, you can set up your device again according to your preferences.

Via DFU mode

If a recovery mode restore cannot fix your iPhone 7, then consider the DFU mode. DFU restore is usually considered for a worst-case scenario, like your iPhone system is wholly damaged. When your iPhone 7 is put into DFU mode, iTunes can interact with the iPhone firmware in a much deeper level and rewrites every code.

Contact Apple for hardware support

If your iPhone 7 is still not in working order after you’ve tried the methods above, it could be a serious hardware issue. Therefore, it is advised that you fix an appointment with the Apple store or contact an authorized service provider by Apple. Ignoring any hardware damage can lead to further problems with your device, sometimes even explosions.


Now that you’ve known why your iPhone 7 gets stuck on the Apple logo screen. You can follow any of the above ways to resolve the issue.

Among all, you can always rely on the expertise of Mobitrix Perfix to help you solve almost every iOS device problem.

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