5 Proven Tricks to Use Grindr in A Safe Way

Logan Miller | Sep 09, 2022

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  • Grindr is an app working with a location-based mechanism for gay, bi, trans, and queer men to find a nice person to hook up and have a relationship with.
  • It is not done. Grindr comes along with a lot of risks and privacy issues, such as everyone having access to your location and medical history.
  • No more worries at all. In this article, I have included 5 proven tricks to use Grindr in a safe way so you can have a great experience.

Recently, there has been a debate that Grindr is not safe as it uses location and other personal information. It's been a great pleasure for me to help people solve their problems regarding apps.

What if I tell you that you can keep using Grindr as well as keep yourself safe from frauds? Yes, it is possible, and I am here to help you with this concern.

In this article, I will be listing out 5 proven tricks to use Grindr in a safe way so you can have a better experience finding new matches and hooking up.

What is Grindr?

What actually is Grindr, and how does it works? This might be your first question if you are new to the Grindr platform. Let me explain the working of Grindr to you.

Grindr is known as a location-based social networking platform that uses your location to help you find a new companion to hang out with or to hook up with. It was basically developed for men to have fun around the area such as gay, Bi, Trans, and queer so they can find a nice person for a long-term relation or one-night stand.

What is Grindr App

But this is not all. Grindr has access to your personal information that causes some privacy risks such as:

Privacy risks

  • Everyone can see your location, such as thieves or frauds.
  • Users in countries against LGBT can get in trouble.
  • Anyone on Grindr can see your health information
  • Anonymous dating can be dangerous if the person is a fraud.

There can be other privacy risks besides these ones. But what if a person wants to give this app a try? Well, I am actually here for that. To help you with the app without compromising on your privacy. The safe way to use Grind is by faking your location. Let's see how you can fake GPS on Grindr.

How to fake location on Grindr

Trick 1: How to Set a Fake Location on Grindr?

The primary trick to having a safe experience on Grindr is to fake your location. So, in case fraudulent, thieves, or deceitful people want to have access to your location, they will be deceived, and you will be safe.

But how do you fake location on Grindr? Here's how you can fake a location, whether it is iPhone or Android.

For iOS (via Mobitrix MagicGo – most recommended)

iOS users can opt for Mobitrix MagicGo to change their location on Grindr, and let me tell you; this is the best option as I myself have been using this for some months now. Mobitrix MagicGo is known as a professional tool you can use to change your location with just a single click. Not only Grindr, but it works with all the location-based applications and games.


  • It does not come with any limitations, and you can change your location multiple times.
  • It gives you the option to change the location by entering coordinates or a location name.
  • Mobitrix MagicGo works with all the iOS versions and models, including the latest ones.
  • You will not be detected for location spoofing by any of the location-based apps such as Pokemon Go.


  • It does not require you to jailbreak your device.
  • You can choose the speed of your movement without actually moving.
  • The steps are pretty simple and easy to follow.


  1. Launch Mobitrix MagicGo.
  2. Connect your iOS device to your computer.
  3. Select a location.
  4. Click 'move.'
How to ues MagicGo Teleport Mode

For Android

The app to change Grindr's location on Android is known as Fake GPS location. All you have to do to change location is search for a new place and select it. Boom! Your location will be changed in minutes.


  • It changes your location on Snapchat also.
  • You can collect Pokemon all around the world.
  • It helps you get more matches on the dating app.
  • It helps you to improve online privacy issues.
Spoofer Android location using Fake GPS Location app

Trick 2: How to spot a fake profile?

While searching through the Grindr app, have you ever considered if the profile is real or fake? Yes, that's a true concern as frauds or thieves can create fake profiles to get you. But how to identify a fake profile? Here are some tips that can help you out:

  • You can ask the person for more pics that are not on the profile and check authenticity. Or a video message with some code words can also help to identify if the person is itself.
  • Their social media accounts can also help you identify a fake account or profile on Grindr by matching the information on social media and Grindr's profile.
How to spot fake Grindr profiles

Trick 3: How to send a video message?

Are you looking for a true long-term relationship? Considering personality traits at this point is very crucial to make sure it is the right person you have been waiting for. Video messages are a great way to check if you two get along before meeting up. Follow the steps below to send a video message:

  1. Select a profile to send a video message.
  2. Click on the camera icon from the interface.
  3. Record your message. Please ensure you do not include any sensitive information.
  4. Hit the send button.
How to send videos on Grindr

Trick 4: How to arrange a safe meet-up?

Let's take everything to the next level if you feel connected over texting and video messages. But aren't there any precautions? Of course, yes, there are always precautions you need to take. Here are some tips for arranging a safe meet-up for the first time.

  • Always choose a public place or crowded place to meet so in case the person is a fraud you will have the advantage to call someone for help.
  • Looking after your valuable things is your duty, so make sure to keep your wallet, phone, and other items in a safe place.
  • Keeping a pocket knife or pepper spray will come in handy if the person is not a fraud.
  • Always make sure that your friend or a family member knows where you are going so they can know your whereabouts in case of an emergency.
How to use Grindr safely

Trick 5: Safety tips to follow

You have got the point of how to protect your privacy on Grindr, but here I have added some more safety tricks for you to follow for a safe and nice experience over the app.

  • Make sure to always ask the person for their phone number. You can talk to them before going out so you can eliminate the creepy ones.
  • Blocking a person is the best way to get rid of annoying people who keep on messaging you.
  • If the person has a flattering username, then make sure to ask for a real name also.
  • Sending inappropriate pictures to strangers or sharing your personal and sensitive information without getting to know them is the biggest mistake.

Hot FAQs You Should Know about Grindr App


Got some thoughts or concerns? No need to worry. I will be answering some common questions to help you out in the situation.

Does Grindr Show Location?

Yes, Grindr has access to your location. Grindr also has access to other details also such as your uploaded photos, ethnicity, sexual position preference, or body type. Medical history, such as your HIV status and last HIV test, is also known by Grindr.

Can You Tell If Someone Favorites You on Grindr?

No, Grindr has not yet released such a feature, so you cannot see if a person has marked you as their favorites. Also, others cannot also see if you favorite them.

Can I Prevent My Phone from Auto-locking on Grindr?

Yes, there is an auto-locking feature on the phone that can help you to prevent the phone from locking itself. Go to your profile settings. Locate the "keep my phone awake" button and turn it on.


If you follow all the tricks I explained above; carefully, then I am sure you will have a great time over Grindr. Keeping things safe and exploring might get you to meet your true love of life for a happy ever after.

However, location safety matters a lot, and if you are a new user of the Grindr app, then do not forget to fake your location with Mobitrix MagicGo so you can be safe from fraudulent people having access to your actual location. I have faked my location so many times with Mobitrix MagicGo, and it was beyond my expectations.