5 GPS Spoofing Apps to Fake Your Location in 2024

Andrew Johnson | Jul 26, 2022 6 min read

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By utilizing GPS Spoofing apps, you may spoof your device's actual position and make it appear like you’re in a different area when you're not. This will substantially assist you in avoiding complications when you have to inform someone you're not in a spot where you're.

If this is precisely what you want, simply use some of the greatest GPS spoofers in our article to fake your actual position on iOS and Android.

1. MagicGo: 1-Click to spoof GPS location on iPhone (most recommended)

MagicGo is yours to use when you want GPS spoofing. Like other software, MagicGo has pros and Cons that will assist you when you want to choose your go tool.

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Why I Recommend Mobitrix MagicGo?

  • Supports rapidly changing the GPS position.
  • The intuitive user interface is user-friendly for everyone who uses it.
  • Compatible with all location-based applications, including Map WhatsApp, Fitness app, and Facebook.
  • Ideal for gaming. Support virtual movement synchronization allows you to play Pokemon Go without moving.

Steps to change your GPS position via MagicGo:

You may update your GPS position by following these steps:

  1. Launch MagicGo.
  2. Connect the iPhone to your computer and click Start.
  3. You select a position from the map and click the Move option.

Now your GPS location will be updated!

While using MagicGo tools to spoof Pokemon Go, the best thing I found out was that it doesn't require me to jailbreak my iPhone. It enables me to use different locations on the map without leaving my room.

3. Use Relocate to spoof iPhone location (Jailbreaking Required)

The following way for spoofing your iPhone or Android device's location is jailbreaking it. When you jailbreak your iPhone, you can access most of the device's original settings. This procedure, however, may provide difficulties depending on the iOS or Android version you are running. We're launching 'The Anywhere!' app for this purpose, which is compatible with iOS 15. These are the instructions for doing so. Consider the iOS operating system as an example:

Download the 'The Anywhere!' location faking the Cydia program on your phone.

  1. Install the app and activate it from the Home screen.
  2. Navigate to the place you want to spoof.
  3. A red pin will appear on the address when you tap on it.
  4. Following that, touch on the blue tab on the subsequent screen.
  5. On iOS, you may now pick the applications you want to spoof your GPS position.
  6. Now that you've opened the chosen app, you should notice the updated location.


  • The relocating technique is entirely free to use;
  • It entails no complex activities.


  • Pokemon may discover your account. Consider faking the location.
  • This approach requires jailbreaking.

4. Mock Locations (for Android)

Another excellent Android spoofing program for Pokemon Go is Mock Locations. It may simply and safely replicate your location information without rooting your Android Smartphone. It does, however, provide a 24-hour free trial. As a result, if you want to access the premium features after the free trial time is up, you must buy the full version.


  • Free trial
  • Pause and play option for spoofing your location
  • Preserves your privacy


  • It is not compatible with earlier versions of Android.

5.iTools (for iOS)

iTools can create a false GPS Location on an iPhone. Faking an iPhone's location needs more work than an Android smartphone since you cannot install an app. The simplest method is to utilize your computer, which is only compatible with iPhones running iOS 12 or earlier operating systems.

Follow the steps analyzed below to set up:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and download and install iTools. iTools contains a Virtual Location feature that lets you change your phone’s location and launch it.
  2. Type the place you want to spoof at the top of the map and click Enter.
  3. On a map, you'll see that your GPS position changes to the fictitious place. Simply click Move Here. If desired, you may click the map to alter your location.
  4. You may now close iTools and unplug your iPhone from your PC. If the application invites you to terminate the location simulation, choose No.


  • Reportedly, the program is not compatible with antivirus programs.
  • The pricing is quite expensive.
  • Functionalities (for instance WiFi sync) require iTunes to be pre-installed over your PC.
  • No Support for Android devices


  • Numerous tools for doing tasks on iOS
  • User-friendly interfaceTips: Avoid not working GPS spoofing apps

A GPS spoofer has been shut down for security reasons and is no longer accessible for download. You may have seen several articles encouraging you to try it, but do not believe them; they will just waste your time.

VPN is just for surfing and can only modify your IP address, which is distinct from your GPS position; if you want to spoof your GPS location, you're better off using one of the other methods in this article rather than a VPN.

Q1. What is the Difference between Faking GPS location and IP location?

GPS location:

It is a precise location used by your smartphone and app to deliver location-based services.

IP location:

It is a generalized and imprecise address that refers to a nation or area. A VPN is beneficial for accessing the web since it can alter your IP address to other providers.

Q2. When do I need to spoof GPS location?

You may wish to spoof your GPS position if you want to:

  • Prevent Location Sharing with Social Media Apps
  • Gain an Advantage in a Location-Based Game.
  • Increase GPS Signals Near Your Actual Location

Q3. When do I need to spoof the IP location?

The advantages of using a VPN to spoof your IP address

  • Permit you to view a website that is restricted to a specific country.
  • Visit Netflix to watch certain films or television shows from various locations.
  • For security: Prevents disclosing your personal information and disables website cookie tracking.

Q4. How can I return to the actual location after spoofing the GPS location?

If you're using MagicGo, just restart your iPhone to restore your original GPS position.


There are several reasons to fake your location. You may do this with a single click by using any of the tools described above. I recommend using MagicGo since it conceals your position, prevents it from being monitored, and operates flawlessly with geo-blocked applications, among other benefits. Even if you want to play pranks on your buddies, you may utilize it compared to other tools to do it.