(100% Working) How to Fix Apple Watch Won't Turn On

For people who have been used to using Apple Watch, it would be upset when Apple watch is not working. The article will introduce some methods to solve the problem.


Campbell Adams | Last Updated: Mar 11, 2022
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How to Fix Apple Watch Won't Turn On

Apple Watch helps you in a couple of ways such as keeping track of your exercises and even tracking your goals thus helping you to exercise and work more by reminding you of your planned goals. This gets inconvenienced any time the Apple Watch fails to turn on.

To fix this inconvenience and provide you future fixes for the same, this article will introduce you to the methods that you can use to fix your Apple Watch.

Part 1: Why is Apple Watch Won’t Turn On?

Before we fix the Watch, let’s first understand what might cause the Apple watch to not turn on as it should.

Here is a list of some of the possible causes.

i. Drained Apple Watch battery.

ii. Software problems affecting the watch.

iii. If the charging cable is damaged.

Having seen some of the possible causes as to why your Apple Watch won’t turn on, the section below will introduce you to the various methods you can use to fix the watch.

Part 2: How to Fix Apple Watch Won't Turn On

This article goes the extra mile to arrange the solutions more optimally to ensure you the reader get the most out of it. Thus, the below Methods 1 to 3 can be used to solve small problems affecting the Apple Watch.

If the Apple Watch still won’t turn on having tried the above-stated methods, Mobitrix Perfix is the recommended method to use. Perfix will recover your Apple Watch instantly and safely moreover, it is supported by all iOS versions, and your data is kept safe and privacy is guaranteed.

To fix the Apple Watch, use the methods below.

1. Charge your Apple Watch and Check its charging cable

As earlier noted, your Apple Watch may fail to turn on as it probably ren out of battery. If this is the case, connect your charging cable to the socket and plug the other end to your Apple Watch. Ensure you turn on the socket, the Apple Watch should start charging, and once charged try to restart it.

If after some time you try restarting the Apple Watch and it still fails to turn on, then the charging cable may be the problem. The cable may be defective, broken, or damaged. Replace it or try a different charging cable to see if the Apple Watch will turn on.

This method of fixing your Apple Watch is free and is the official solution provided by Apple however, If the watch still won’t turn on, refer to other methods below.

2. Force Apple Watch to Turn On

At times, some minor glitches with the Apple Watch may be hindering it from turning on. Force rebooting the Apple watch fixes the minor glitches as it stops all processes in the Apple Watch even if your Apple Watch is failing to restart normally.

Force rebooting is a good way to fix your Apple Watch but, DON’T force reboot the Apple Watch during an update as this may sire deeper problems. Only force restart it if it’s not responding as the last option.

The steps to force reboot the watch are:

i. Long-press at the same time both the Digital Crown and Side button for around 15minutes.

ii. Once Apple’s logo appears, release the buttons.

apple watch stuck on apple logo force restart

Your Apple Watch will then restart and you can now comfortably use it.

This method is easy to use and your data and settings won’t be erased.

3. Turn Off Power Reserve

At times especially if the Apple Watch is new, people tend to enable power reserve mode and this makes the Apple Watch seem like it refused to turn on which is not the case. Power reserve mode aims at extending the battery life of the watch disabling most features of the watch.

To turn it off, long-press the Side button until Apple’s logo appears. This will restart your Apple Watch turn off the power reserve mode.

4. Turn Off the Screen Curtain with Settings

Screen Curtain is an Apple feature that allows you to use your Apple Watch using VoiceOver even when your Watch’s screen is turned off. This at times may be problematic and cause the watch not to turn on thus, as a way to fix your Apple Watch you need to turn it off.

To turn it off:

i. On your iPhone, open the app for Apple Watch.

ii. Open General > Accessibility then VoiceOver

iii. Next to the Screen Curtain, there is a switch. Turn it off.

apple watch stuck on apple logo screen curtain

Once turned off, your Apple Watch should now successfully turn on.

Part 3: What if no method worked?

If you have tried the above solutions and your Apple Watch still won’t turn on, you need to seek professional help in fixing it. Take your Apple Watch to a nearby repair center or Apple Store, they will diagnose and repair the watch as it might have hardware problems that you can’t fix on your own.


We all need our Apple Watch in good shape as they are essential to our daily activities such as health monitoring. Therefore, whenever our Apple Watch refuses to turn on, we need quick fixes to ensure our normal activities are not interrupted.

This article introduced the various causes of your Apple Watch not turning on, it also went ahead to give you the methods that you can use to fix it. The article suggests using Perfix to quickly fix your watch as it is easy to use and guarantees success in fixing the watch. As a last resort, you should take your Apple Watch to a repair center to be diagnosed and fixed.

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