How to Get Rid of iPhone Green Screen - 2023 Guide

Ciaran Crawford | Sep 21, 2023

A seasoned mobile phone engineer with deep knowledge of smartphone hardware and software integrations.

When your iPhone is stuck at the green screen, this is annoying as it stops you from doing your activities. The green screen may result from your iPhone being dropped in water or just damage when it falls.

This article will provide you several tips that you can use to easily get rid of the green screen on your iPhone.

Part 1:Tips to fix iPhone green screen when the device still works

1. Remove all Apps running in the background of your iPhone

If your iPhone is running many apps, this can cause it to freeze at the green screen. If so, you can fix this by removing the apps running in the background.

how to fix a frozen iphone via closing backgroud apps

To do this, press your home button two times. This will display the running apps, swipe up the application from the bottom of your iPhone. This will stop the apps and fix the green screen.

2. Hard reboot your phone

Force restarting your iPhone causes all services and applications to turn off and in return, it fixes problems such as your iPhone being stuck at the green screen.

You need to force restart your iPhone, to do this, check the steps below based on your iPhone model.

iPhone 8 and newer: for this model, tap on the button for volume up then tap the button for volume down. Now, long-press the power button until Apple’s logo is visible on your screen.

fix iphone green screen DFU Mode - iPhone8 and newer version

iPhone 7/7Plus: long-press the power button together with the button for volume down until Apple’s logo is visible.

restart iPhone 7 series

restart iPhone 7 series

iPhone 6 or earlier: for this model, long-press both the power and home button together until Apple’s logo is visible.

restart iPhone 6 series and earlier iPhone models

restart iPhone 6 series and earlier iPhone models

Once the iPhone restarts the green screen will have been fixed.

3. Manage your iPhone’s display settings

Your iPhone display settings may be what’s causing the green screen, there are various things that you should check to ensure they are working well.

i. Ensure auto-brightness is enabled by tapping on Settings > General > Accessibility.

ii. Ensure true tone is enabled. Open Settings > Display & Brightness > Tone then enable it.

iii. Set a short auto-lock time for the iPhone.

iv. Ensure automatic brightness control is enabled from your Display & Brightness settings.

4. Update your phone

Is your iPhone updated? The green screen may be a software bug that can be fixed by updating your current iOS version. Ensure you have the updated iOS version. The steps below will guide you on how to update your iPhone.

i. Open Settings

ii. Tap General > Software Update

iii. On the available updates, click the option to “Install Now”

iphone stuck on verifying update redownload ios update

Your iPhone will then be updated to the latest version and the green screen will be fixed, if not just look for other methods in the article.

5. Reset your iPhone’s settings

Clearing any customized settings by restoring the factory defaults will fix the green screen but, this will wipe out all your data and settings. You should first back up your iPhone before proceeding with this method.

Once you have successfully created a backup of your iPhone, follow the steps below.

i. Open Settings > General.

ii. Click the button for “Reset”.

iii. Choose the option to erase all data and settings.

iv. If prompted, enter your credential to confirm the process.

iphone error 4013 via reset

Your iPhone will then be restored a new and the green screen will have been fixed.

6. Restore your phone via iTunes

iTunes is another method that you can use to fix the green screen by wiping clean your iPhone. This method will delete all your data thus, you should backup your iPhone firstly. Moreover, it requires iTunes, the latest version, installed on your computer.

i. On your computer open iTunes.

ii. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

iii. Click the iPhone icon located at the left of your iTunes window then click the Summary tab.

Update iPhone with iTunes

Update iPhone with iTunes

iv. Tap the button to restore iPhone and confirm to restore when prompted.

Your device will be restored and when it restarts, the green screen will have been fixed.

Part 2:Tips to fix iPhone green screen when the device can’t respond

1. Smash your iPhone softly

Risky and yet interesting as it sounds, at times all you need to fix your green iPhone screen is smashing it softly. You can gently hit it on a surface, use your hand to hit it while placed on a surface, or even just shake it gently. This can accidentally fix the green screen but be cautious while hitting the iPhone to avoid damaging it.

2. Force restart your iPhone

Force restarting your iPhone will probably fix the green screen, go ahead and force restart it and wait to see if it fixed the issue. If it didn’t fix the iPhone, you can allow your iPhone to remain off for a few days then recharge it and restart it. This may work but only if you can be patient and have much time to wait.

ipad stuck on apple logo via force restart ipad

3. Update your iPhone to the latest version via iTunes

Using iTunes to update your iPhone results in NO data loss thus it is a safe approach to use to fix the iPhone green screen. You just need to first ensure that your computer has the latest iTunes version installed then do the following.

i. Connect your iPhone and let iTunes discover it on your computer.

ii. Once recognized, tap on your device.

iii. Open the summary page.

iv. Choose to “Check for Updates”.

Update iPhone with iTunes

Update iPhone with iTunes

v. If there are any available updates, the on-screen instructions will guide you on updating the iPhone.

4. Fix the iPhone green screen effectively and effortlessly

The above methods may fail to fix the iPhone green screen, to effectively and easily fix the iPhone more conveniently, you need to use Perfix.

Perfix is an iOS repair tool that not only fixes the iPhone green screen but also other issues with your iPhone. Perfix guarantees success and fixes even iPhone issues that you didn’t know existed with just a few and instant clicks.

Perfix is beneficial to all its users for the various reasons

i. Unlike iTunes, it’s easier to use.

ii. It fully supports iPhone 5s to iPhone 15 and iOS 17 and earlier versions.

iii. No data loss is incurred.

iv. Able to fix the green screen even if the iPhone is not operational.

v. Fixes other problems like a frozen iPhone

To use iPhone, the steps below will guide you.

i. Download and install Perfix on your computer then connect your iPhone to it.

ii. Open Perfix and select the option for “Repair Operating System”.

iii. Click “Fix Now”

iv. Download the needed firmware to fix your iPhone.

v. Once downloaded, click “Repair Now”.

Your iPhone will then be automatically repaired and the iPhone green screen will have been fixed successfully.


iPhone while stuck at the green screen is unusable unless when fixed. This article introduced the tips you can use to fix it. For an instant, quick and easy fix, it’s recommended to use Mobitrix Perfix to solve all your iPhone issues. If still stuck, seek Apple Support or visit an Apple store, they will fix your iPhone.