How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone Using Google Drive

Bradley Harvey | Last Updated: Feb 22, 2022

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How to transfer WhatsApp messages is a question that is often asked by many individuals. Official WhatsApp states that the easiest way to transfer WhatsApp chats to a new phone is via Google Drive.

However, in the case of transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone, Google Drive alone can’t accomplish this. A third-party tool such as Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer is needed.

This article explains how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using Google Drive and the Mobitrix transfer tool.

Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone only using Google Drive?

Our WhatsApp chats are part of our memories and way of data recording and in a case where you change your phone from Android to iPhone, the first idea that you probably will have is to use Google Drive to transfer your WhatsApp chats.

Yes, Google Drive is a good way to go about it however, these two mobile platforms; Android and iOS are different. This stages a barrier, thus it's not enough to entirely use Google Drive for the backup.

To maneuver the barrier, Google Drive needs to be combined with Mobitrix to effectively transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone using Google drive.

How to transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone using Google drive and Mobitrix

1. Restore from Google Drive backup

For you to restore your WhatsApp messages successfully from your Android phone to iPhone using Google Drive, you must use the same phone number and Google account that was used to create the backup.

The following steps will guide you when restoring your WhatsApp chats and media files from google drive:

  1. Download and install WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Open the installed WhatsApp in your iPhone and verify your phone number, the one used during the backup in your Android phone.
  3. Click on the RESTORE tab to restore your WhatsApp chats and media from Google Drive.
  4. Click NEXT, and you will see your WhatsApp chats being displayed after the initialization is complete.
  5. Once your chats are restored, your media files will also be restored.

2. Use Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer tool to transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone

Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer is a powerful and reliable tool that saves a lot of time when transferring your chats and media. This tool ensures that your WhatsApp chats are transferred properly without losing data.

To transfer your WhatsApp data via Mobitrix, follow the steps below:

  1. On your computer, download and install the Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer tool.
  2. Connect your Android and iPhone to the computer using USB cables.
  3. Both your devices will display on your screen, select Android phone to be the source device and iPhone as the destination device.
  4. Click on the transfer tab and the transferring process will begin.
transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone

Note: Ensure that both devices remain connected throughout the transfer process until it completes.

Once completed, your WhatsApp chats and all media files will be seen on your iPhone.

Whatch the video tutorial as well:

Various third-party tools for transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone exist in the world, but Mobitrix emerges as the easiest, reliable, and most time-saving of them all.

Mobitrix also supports both old and new phone numbers and it keeps all your data just the same as in the original account.

To Sum Up

For the transfer to take place, a network connection is not needed and above all, with Mobitrix your privacy is strictly ensured and this makes it highly trusted and rated by many professionals.

With Mobitrix, transferring WhatsApp data from android to iPhone using Google drive has not only been made easy and safe but also effective.

You now need not worry about losing your chat memories as you change from Android to iPhone, this article got you covered. Let’s cherish and keep those memories alive forever.