2023 Easy Ways to Transfer Your Whatsapp Chats

Bradley Harvey | Sep 16, 2022

A veteran data engineer, experienced in data processing, data flow and data migration, etc. Also a heavy WhatsApp user, he helps you know the ins and outs of WhatsApp data transfer better than anyone else.

There are several easy ways to transfer your WhatsApp chat history to a new phone.

Most of these methods are limited to phone type, such as Android to Android. Previously, changing your phone system meant losing your data, but now, thanks to Mobitrix, users can easily transfer WhatsApp Chat history between any phone systems, including Android to IOS.

Part 1: Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to Android

Way 1. With Google Drive

An easy way to save your WhatsApp chat history is to set up your Android phone to create regular backups of your WhatsApp Chats that automatically save on Google Drive.

You can find this feature in WhatsApp, under Settings > Chat > Chat backup and select to save to Google Drive.

transfer whatsapp via google drive

transfer whatsapp via google drive

Then, then if you get a new Android phone, you can restore chat back ups directly from Google Drive to your new device. Easy, right? However, there are a few disadvantages of this method.

Disadvantages of using Google Drive to Transfer Chats:

  • This method only works from Android to Android. You cannot use this method with a phone that runs on the IOS System.
  • Users must have a Google Account and the same phone number as their previous device.
  • This may be an easy method, but it can take a long time for the restoration process of WhatsApp chat history to finalize.

Way 2. Via Local Backup

The term ‘local backup’ refers to information from the past 7 days which is saved on your device. Your phone is set up to automatically save a local backup daily to a file, usually on your SD card or internal storage.

via local backup

via local backup

Restore a local backup to a new phone when you start WhatsApp and enable the local backup and confirm your phone number. This approach does have a few drawbacks, however.

Disadvantages of Using Local Backup to Transfer Chats:

  1. Accessing a local backup can be limited to the most recent (7 days) backup. If you want to access information for a longer period of time, the process is a bit more complex:
    • You might need to download a file manager
    • You might need to transfer the files from your old device to your computer and then to your new phone
    • You need to locate the local backup, searching through your SD card or internal storage until you find it.
    • You must uninstall and then reinstall the WhatsApp application on your phone.
    • You need internet access
  2. You must have the same phone number to restore a local back-up. If you have moved to a new area and changed your phone number, this option will not work.
  3. This approach only works with devices that run on the same system, for example, Android to Android.

WhatsApp’s FAQ page has step-by-step instructions to restore a local (or less-recent) backup from Android -to -Android devices. You can find the steps here.

Way 3. Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer -- directly and without restrictions

Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer allows all types of users to transfer WhatApp chat history easily, without any restrictions based on phone number or phone system. If the above approaches will not work for your situation, or seem too complicated for you, then try Mobitrix to transfer your WhatsApp Chat history to your new device.

Advantages of Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer:

  • Transfer all data files easily. Mobitrix WhatsApp file transfer doesn’t only transfer chat history, but all media files as well. This includes photos, videos and voice recordings. You will not lose data or files when transferring with Mobitrix.
  • Mobitrix requires only one download and three easy steps to complete data transfer.
  • Mobitrix is fast and user-friendly.
  • No need to uninstall or reinstall WhatsApp.
  • This method works with all types of phones, including Android to iOS or iOS to Android.
  • This method works even if you have changed phone numbers.

Part 2: Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to iPhone

Way 1. Via iCloud

iCloud is the cloud-based storage option for IOS users, much like Google Drive for Android users. If you have set up your WhatsApp to backup automatically to iCloud (Settings > Chat > Chat backup), then simply log-in to iCloud to restore your data to your new IOS device. This is an easy option, if you are exclusively using an iPhone, but won’t work for transferring data from Android to iPhone.

backup whatsapp icloud

backup whatsapp icloud

Disadvantages of using iCloud to Transfer Chats:

  • While iCloud is technically free for users, only 5G of storage space is provided for users. Any additional space has to be purchased (there had to be a catch somewhere, right?). If your chat history takes up more space than the 5G provided, then this option will not work for you.
  • Another problem is that only local chats are included with this transfer. ANy chats backed up to a third party are excluded and will not be restored to your new device.

Way 2. Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer -- directly and without restrictions

Advantages of Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer:

  • Mobitrix is a safe way to transfer data. Rest assured, your data is safe when using this method.
  • After downloading the Mobitrix software, no internet is needed. You can transfer data without an internet connection, just USB cords.
  • There is no limitation to storage size with Mobitrix. If iCloud’s limit of 5G storage is a problem for you, Mobitrix is your answer!
  • Mobitrix transfers all media files - including videos when transferring WhatsApp chat history
  • Users can restore the backup multiple times, without needing to uninstall WhatsApp

Part 3: Transfer WhatsApp Chats between iPhone and Android

iCloud and Google Drive are great free options for storage, but they are limited to their own systems: iPhone for iCloud and Android for Google Drive. If you change phone systems, you will not be able to transfer information from iPhone to Android or vice-versa. The solution for such situations is Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer

    A better way is to transfer with Mobitrix: simply download the software to your computer and follow the simple steps:

  1. Connect your two devices to your computer with USB cords.
  2. connect the 2 devices to pc

    connect the 2 devices to pc

  3. Follow the prompts for “Source” device and “Destination” device and click “Transfer”
  4. start to transfer whatsapp

    start to transfer whatsapp

  5. Watch your data transfer to your new device! All done.

Advantages of Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer:

  • Mobitrix works with all systems. This is the solution for transferring WhatsApp Chat history between iPhone and Android phones.
  • It is easy to use. There are no complicated steps, and you don’t need to understand phone systems in order to complete the transfer.
  • Information transfers in a SINGLE CLICK! Mobitrix makes it very simple to transfer data quickly.
  • You do not need to uninstall or reinstall WhatsApp. Keep your new device fresh and avoid reinstalling apps with Mobitrix.
  • Protect your privacy. Mobitrix is serious about the security of your data - you can even complete the transfer without internet access.

Bonus Tips: Using WhatsAppTrans Box to Transfer WhatsApp Chats for Free

Want a free method to transfer your WhatsApp chats? Use the WhatsAppTrans tool today. WhatsAppTrans tool is a free product from Mobitrix that can help you transfer WhatsApp chats with a few technical skills needed.

Please check the detailed instructions as below:

Step 1: Download the Toolkit of WhatsAppTrans Box.

Download the Toolkit of WhatsAppTrans Box

Download the Toolkit of WhatsAppTrans Box

Step 2: Follow the steps below to extract the Android WhatsApp data..

  1. Locally backup your WhatsApp.
  2. Backup your WhatsApp data into your phone storage

    Backup your WhatsApp data into your phone storage

  3. With your Android connected to the computer, copy the WhatsApp data using the command: [copywhatsapptopc] into your computer.
  4. Remove the Android from your computer, then install an Android emulator such as Bignox and give it ROOT permission once installed.
  5. Set ROOT permission after installing the simulator - Setting

    Set ROOT permission after installing the simulator-Setting

    Set ROOT permission after installing the simulator

    Set ROOT permission after installing the simulator

  6. On the emulator, download and install WhatsApp but don’t log in first.
  7. Directory of Emulator

    Directory of Emulator

    Welcome to WhatsApp in Emulator

    Welcome to WhatsApp in Emulator

  8. Run [copywhatsapptoandroid], which will copy, from your computer, the WhatsApp folder to the emulator. .
  9. Log in to WhatsApp using the emulator and restore WhatsApp data.
  10. To extract from the emulator the WhatsApp database, use the command [pullwhatsapptopc] The database will be copied into your computer in the path: /data/data/com.whatsapp/databases/.

Step 3: Transfer the WhatsApp chats using the command [whatsappandroid2iphone]. However, only chats within the last three months will be restored..

Step 4: Once the chats are transferred, install WhatsApp on your iPhone and connect it to the computer. Then, restore the WhatsApp chats using the command: ?once the chats are transferred, install WhatsApp on your iPhone and connect it to the computer. Then, restore the WhatsApp chats using the command: [restorewhatsappdata].

Benefits of WhatsAppTrans Box:

  • The tool is freely available.
  • It can transfer WhatsApp chats of large sizes.
  • WhatsApp chats can be transferred across Android and iOS.
  • Using the tool, you can quickly restore WhatsApp chats to a new device.

The shortcomings of using WhatsAppTrans Box include; only chat history in the last three months can be retrieved, and other files can’t be restored, such as videos. It supports only chats.

To avoid the shortcomings of using WhatsAppTrans, especially when you need to restored data older than three months, we recommend using Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer as the 1st choice.


There are many ways to transfer WhatsApp Chat history between phones, as long as they run on the same system. Google Drive, iCloud and local backups are some options users can consider, although there are limitations to each of these methods. If your new phone runs on a different system than your old one, Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer is the solution for you! You can easily transfer WhatsApp Chat history between Android and iPhone using this simple software.