Easy ways to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to Android without uninstalling

Bradley Harvey | Last Updated: Feb 09, 2022

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Various methods to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android exist. However, most of them rely upon uninstalling WhatsApp.

In this article, we introduce three methods of transferring WhatsApp across Android devices. Among the methods, one achieves a successful transfer of WhatsApp from an Android to an Android without necessary uninstalling WhatsApp.

Part 1: Transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android without uninstalling WhatsApp

1. Via Mobitrix

Mobitrix is a third-party WhatsApp transfer tool that has the following advantages

  • You don’t need to uninstall WhatsApp to use it.
  • Mobitrix has cross-platform support.
  • Mobitrix is easy and instant to use.
  • Mobitrix can selectively transfer WhatsApp data.
  • The tool is safe to use and protects user’s privacy.

To use Mobitrix to transfer WhatsApp from your Android to Android directly, do the following.

  1. Download and install Mobitrix on your PC.
  2. Open Mobitrix, connect both Android devices using a USB cable to the PC.
  3. connect the 2 devices to pc
  4. Click “Transfer”.
  5. start to transfer whatsapp

Once the process completes, a notification will pop up informing you so.

To use Mobitrix to indirectly transfer WhatsApp across Android devices without uninstalling WhatsApp, use the steps below.

  1. On your old Android, create a backup of the WhatsApp to your PC using Mobitrix.
  2. Once the backup is created on the PC, connect the other Android and restore the backup using these steps.
    • Open Mobitrix and connect the Android to the PC.
    • Select the desired backup data, then click “Start”. The WhatsApp will be restored to your Android.
    • connect the 2 devices to pc

The two approaches of using Mobitrix ensure that your WhatsApp is successfully transferred from your old Android to new Android conveniently.

Part 2:Transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android by uninstalling the app

1. Via local backup

WhatsApp has a local backup feature that allows users to easily create a backup of WhatsApp on their phones. This method requires that the phone number be the same on both Androids. To use a local backup, follow the steps below.

  1. On the old Android, open WhatsApp, then navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  2. Click the button for “Backup”, once the backup is created, uninstall WhatsApp.
  3. On our file manager, inside the “WhatsApp” folder, copy the latest backup data. Move the data to WhatsApp > Database folder of the new Android.
  4. On the new Android Phone, install WhatsApp. Set it up and use the same phone number.
  5. The backup will be detected. Choose to “Restore data”. Your media files and chats will then be restored on the new Android.
  6. via local backup

The advantages of using local backup are that it is free, and no third-party apps are needed. However, its disadvantages are:

  • You need to uninstall your WhatsApp.
  • The method does not allow a selective transfer.
  • The method is time-consuming and complicated.
  • The two Android devices must use the same phone number.

2. Via google drive

To use Google Drive to transfer WhatsApp, use the steps below.

  1. On your old Android, open WhatsApp, then Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  2. Click the option to create a Google Drive backup.
  3. Select the email, then click “Backup”.
  4. On the new Android, install WhatsApp then use the same phone number to configure it.
  5. Once a backup is detected, click “Restore’. The WhatsApp data will have been successfully transferred to the new Android.
transfer whatsapp via google drive

Using Google Drive is fast and convenient. However, its disadvantages are:

  • It only supports the android-to-android transfer.
  • You must uninstall your WhatsApp.
  • You can’t selectively transfer the WhatsApp data

The article introduced three ways to transfer WhatsApp from one Android to another. Among the methods, using Mobitrix to transfer your WhatsApp is the most recommended method as it is simple, safe, and convenient. With Mobitrix moving WhatsApp from an Android to an Android is straightforward.