Easy Ways to Restore WhatsApp History for both Android and iOS

Bradley Harvey | Last Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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WhatsApp has become a key part of our daily life. We share and exchange data and memories via WhatsApp; thus, we need to know how we can restore WhatsApp.

This article introduces the various methods you can use to restore your WhatsApp, whether it's on your device or from another device for both iOS and Android devices.

Part 1: Restore WhatsApp history within the same system

1. From Android to Android

To restore your WhatsApp, if you want to restore from an Android to another Android, use the methods below.

a) Via google drive backup

To restore WhatsApp using Google Drive, you need to use the same phone number and Google Account you used while creating the backup. With those in place, follow the steps below.

  1. Reinstall your WhatsApp.
  2. Verify your details, such as your phone number, enter the one you used in creating the backup.
  3. Once you are prompted about an existent backup, click "Restore."
  4. backup whatsapp via google drive

The restoration process will begin, follow the next prompts, and your WhatsApp will be restored once the restoration process completes.

Using Google Drive to restore WhatsApp is fast and convenient; however, you must uninstall your current WhatsApp, and only the recent backup history will be restored.

b) Via local backup

The WhatsApp backup is transferred via a cable through a computer, file explorer, or an SD card in the local backup. To restore the local backup, do the following.

  1. Open file manager.
  2. Navigate to SD card > WhatsApp > Databases.
  3. For easier accessibility, rename your backup file but let the extension remain as it is.
  4. Reinstall your WhatsApp
  5. Follow the prompts to set it up. When prompted whether to restore, choose "Restore."
via local backup

Once the installation and restore process completes, you will have your WhatsApp history restored.

With this method, no third-party apps are needed, but you must reinstall your WhatsApp.

c) Via Mobitrix

Mobitrix is a WhatsApp management third-party tool that you can use with ease to restore your WhatsApp without uninstalling your current WhatsApp. First, you only need to download Mobitrix from the official website. Then, using a computer, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Mobitrix and choose the option to back up WhatsApp to the devices.
  2. connect the 2 devices to pc
  3. Connect your source Android phone and destination Android.
  4. Choose the option to restore WhatsApp, then choose the backup data with the WhatsApp data you want to restore.
  5. Click "Restore," let the process run to completion uninterrupted.
  6. start to transfer whatsapp

With Mobitrix, you can do much more than creating a backup. The tool can restore all types of WhatsApp history. It works on both Android and iOS, and you don't need to uninstall your current WhatsApp to restore your WhatsApp with Mobitrix.

2. From iOS to iOS

Are you using an iOS device? Do you want to restore your WhatsApp? The methods below will guide you.

a) Via iCloud

To restore WhatsApp via iCloud, you need to have an existing WhatsApp backup on iCloud. So, before you uninstall your WhatsApp, ensure that you have an existing backup. You can easily check this by navigating to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat > Chat backup.

Now that you have confirmed that you have an existing backup, you also need to ensure you have enough space to accommodate the backup to be restored. Moreover, ensure you are signed in to the iPhone using your Apple credentials. Follow the steps below.

  1. Reinstall your WhatsApp.
  2. Follow the prompts to set it up.
  3. Ensure you use the same phone number that you used to create the backup.
  4. Choose "Restore" when WhatsApp prompts whether to restore your backup.
  5. icloud backup

You will have your WhatsApp restored once the process completes.

This method is easy and convenient; however, it only works for iOS devices, and you must reinstall your WhatsApp.

b) Via iTunes

You can also use iTunes to restore your WhatsApp. It requires you to have an existing backup on iTunes, and you need a computer that has the latest iTunes installed on it.

To use iTunes to restore your WhatsApp:

  1. Connect your iOS to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. Once iTunes detects your iPhone, click the "Summary" tab then "Restore Backup."
  3. Choose your recent backup and choose to "Restore".
  4. backup whatsapp via itunes

Once the process completes, you will have your WhatsApp fully restored.

Although using this method, you need not uninstall WhatsApp, and it has its disadvantages such as it's time-consuming, iTunes is user-unfriendly, and may fail to recognize your iPhone. Moreover, you lack control over what to or not to restore as you can't see WhatsApp inside the backup files.

c) Via Mobitrix

Mobitrix can also be used to restore WhatsApp on iOS as in Android, as shown earlier. The steps are the same for both iOS and Android. You need to ensure you have Mobitrix installed on your computer. Then follow the quick steps below.

  1. Open Mobitrix and choose the option to back up WhatsApp to the devices.
  2. Connect your iPhone devices.
  3. Choose the option to restore WhatsApp, then choose the backup data with the WhatsApp data you want to restore.
  4. Click "Restore," let the process run to completion uninterrupted.
  5. start to transfer whatsapp

Mobitrix is the most preferred option to use as it works for both iOS and Android.

Part 2: Restore WhatsApp history from one system to another

1. via Mobitrix (most recommended)

Mobitrix can facilitate restoring WhatsApp between an Android and iPhone. You only need to have a computer that has Mobitrix software installed, then use the steps below.

  1. Connect both the iPhone and Android to the computer.
  2. connect the 2 devices to pc
  3. Set one of the devices to be the source and the other to be th destination. The source is the one that you want to restore WhatsApp from it.
  4. Click "Transfer".
  5. start to transfer whatsapp

Mobitrix will then successfully transfer and restore your WhatsApp as simple as that. Mobitrix supports both new and old phone numbers, works across all platforms, and is easy to use.

2. Via Mobitrix WhatsApp Trans

WhatsApp Trans is a tool that enables you to restore WhatsApp for free across different devices. However, it has some technical steps involved. Ensure you have a "WhatsApp" folder on your Android file manager. If you do, you can use this method, but if you don't, you can't use Mobitrix Trans t restore your WhatsApp.

To restore WhatsApp from Android to iPhone:

  1. From GitHub, download the .apk files for WhatsApp. Download also ExportAndroidWhatsapp.exe.
  2. how to download whatsapptrans
  3. Create a local backup of your WhatsApp then, uninstall your WhatsApp and install the downloaded new version. Give it storage permissions and allow it to restore data.
  4. Create a "data.flg" file inside the WhatsApp folder and check that a file "ok.flg" and "chatpath" folder is created once you finish installing the WhatsApp,
  5. Copy the WhatsApp folder and paste it inside your computer.
  6. On CMD, enter the command: ExportAndroidWhatsApp.exe WhatsApp
  7. transfer whatsapp via whatsapptrans
  8. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer.
  9. Import your images to your "Photos" folder on iPhone from the "Media" folder inside the "WhatsApp" folder. The txt files should also be imported to the "Photos" folder.

To use WhatsApp Trans to restore WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit GitHub, click on "Code" then "Download ZIP". Extract the zip file. It should contain two programs.
  2. how to download whatsapptrans
  3. Download and install iTunes on your PC, then connect your iPhone to it.
  4. Backup of your iPhone using the steps below.
    • With your iPhone connected to the PC, open iTunes and click on the iPhone's icon.
    • Unselect the option for "encrypt local backup".
    • Click the option for "Back Up Now".
  5. From the iPhone, import the WhatsApp data. Identify the path for the backup where iTunes will save the backup then navigate to a disk with adequate space. Open your PC's CMD terminal and enter the command: ExportiPoneWhatsApp.exe [backuppathforiphone] [whatsappdatapath]
  6. To Unpack the data
    • On the CMD, type the command: AnalysisWhatsAppChat.exe [whatsappdatapath]
    • Two folders, txt, and media will be created inside the WhatsApp directory.
    • To transfer the WhatsApp text messages, send the txt folder to your iPhone. If you need the media files, send the media folder to your Photo/Media folder. You can locate the messages or media files using your Huawei.
    transfer whatsapp via whatsapptrans

Mobitrix WhatsApp Trans is a free tool to use that supports both iOS and Android; however, it's complicated, supports only "txt" format, and requires computer skills to use.

3. Via email

With email, you can restore WhatsApp but one chat per time which makes it time-consuming moreover, the conversation will be restored as a "txt" file.

To use email:

  1. On your WhatsApp, select the chat to transfer.
  2. Once selected, click on Settings > More > Export Chat > Email.
  3. Use your email as the recipient.
  4. You can then access the chats from your email
transfer via email

This method offers incomplete transfer of WhatsApp, requires an internet connection, and transfers chats as "txt" files.


This article introduced different methods to restore WhatsApp between different platforms. With these methods, you can easily restore your WhatsApp. The article recommends using Mobitrix, which is an easier, faster, and convenient way to restore your WhatsApp regardless of your device's platform. Whether it's iOS or Android, Mobitrix does the work!