How to Fix iPhone Display not Responding or Black

It’s annoying and frustrating when one comes across this issue. This text will provide you some tips to help you work it out.


Campbell Adams | Last Updated: Aug 31, 2021
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How to Fix iPhone Display not Responding or Black

Whether it's a hardware problem or a software crash affecting your iPhone, it can hinder the display on your iPhone not to respond or cause it to turn black. When this happens, using your iPhone becomes stressful, and a quick fix for this is needed.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know regarding your iPhone display turning black and failing to respond. Quick methods to fix this will be introduced, and you will regain your iPhone easily.

Part 1: Tips when there is a software crash

If your iPhone is still functional despite the black screen, first verify that it's not the battery that is drained. Once you've confirmed it's not a power problem casing this, try these methods.

1. Reboot your Phone

If notifications or calls are still coming through on your phone, restart it and see if this fixes what's causing the problem.

For iPhone 6s or earlier iPhones: long-press your iPhone's power and home buttons simultaneously until Apple's logo appears.

iphone not charging - iPhone6 and earlier versions

For iPhone 7 Plus or 7: long-press the power and button for volume down simultaneously until the iPhone restarts.

 iPhone randomly restarts - iPhone7s

For iPhone 8 Plus, X, or 8: press the button for volume up, then press the button for volume down. Then, long-press the power button, release it when Apple's logo appears.

 iPhone randomly restarts - iPhone8 and newer version

If your iPhone display hasn't been restored after the restart, try the other methods below.

2. Charge your phone and restart it again

Connect your iPhone to a charging port, allow it to charge for at least 10 minutes. Then, restart the iPhone and check if the display is working fine. Try a different charging port or charger to ensure the iPhone is charging. Moreover, clean the charging port of your iPhone, then charge it and see if it starts to work.

iphone keeps showing logo using charge

3. Handle the misbehaving app

A troublesome app can make your iPhone display not respond or turn black. There are two scenarios in which a crashing app can affect your iPhone's display.

a. If your iPhone display fails to respond when using a specific app, do the following.

i. Close the app.

ii. Open "App Store" under "Updates", install any update for the app if it's available.

how to fix a frozen iphone via updating apps

iii. Restart your iPhone.

b. If when watching YouTube, Videos, or Netflix is when the iPhone's screen turns black, do the following:

i. Check the speed of your internet.

ii. Try to restart your network

iii. Confirm with your ISP provider to ensure your connection is not being throttled or if you've surpassed your bandwidth limit.

If this doesn't work, keep reading to find other fixes.

4. Update your device through iTunes

If you have a failed update or your iPhone is not updated to the latest version, your iPhone display may fail to respond or turn black. The fix for this is to use iTunes to update your iPhone, as shown in the steps below:

1) Ensure you have the latest iTunes on your computer, then connect your iPhone to the computer.

2) Once iTunes recognizes your iPhone, click on the iPhone, then open the "Summary" tab.

3) Click the option to check for any updates.

iphone stuck on verifying update iphone via itunes

4) If there's an update for your iPhone, download it and update.

Restart your iPhone once the update is installed. If the display is still not responding, try using Perfix.

5. Fix your iPhone display not responding easily and effectively

To easily and effectively fix your iPhone display not responding or turning black, use Perfix tool. Perfix is a third-party repair tool that will instantly fix your iPhone with just a few instant clicks. With Perfix, you get to fix even other issues facing your iPhone, such as an Activation lock, frozen screen, or low volume.

Perfix has other additional benefits such as:

1) It's able to fix your iPhone even if it's not operational.

2) Perfix is easy to use

3) Perfix safeguards your data, and no loss is incurred.

4) Perfix works for all iOS devices.

5) Perfix instantly fixes your iPhone display not responding.

Here's how to use Perfix to fix your iPhone display not responding or turning black.

a. Download and install Perfix, then connect your iPhone.

b. Open Perfix on your computer, then click "Standard Mode".

iphone black screen via standard-repair

c. Once the iPhone is detected, click "Download". The needed firmware to fix your iPhone will be downloaded and installed.

d. Click "Start".

ipad turn on via perfix start

Let the process complete. Once the iPhone restarts, your iPhone display should be fixed by now.

6. Restore your iPhone through iTunes

If your iPhone display is yet to respond, try to restore the iPhone using iTunes. No data will be lost by using this method. However, you need a computer with iTunes installed. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone with the computer, open iTunes, and do the following.

1) Press then release your iPhone's volume up button. Repeat the same for the volume down button.

2) Long-press the Power or Side button of the iPhone until you see the iTunes screen.

3) Click "Update" to update the iPhone, but click " Restore " if there is no update currently.

 iPhone randomly restarts via restore with itunes

Let iTunes do the rest once the process finishes. Restart the iPhone and check if the iPhone display is now working as it should.

7. Put your device into a DFU Mode

You can also fix your iPhone display not responding or turning black by putting your iPhone into DFU mode then restoring it. However, this method may not work for all iPhones, and it causes a loss of data. Moreover, ensure it's not physical damage affecting your iPhone to avoid causing more damage by using this method.

Once sure that it's not physical damage affecting your iPhone, ensure you have a backup, then proceed with the steps below.

i. Close all background apps on your PC, then connect your iPhone to it.

ii. Open iTunes.

iii. For like 3 seconds, long-press the iPhones Power/Side button.

iphone black screen via dfu

iv. Still holding the Power button, hold the button for volume down for 10 seconds. If Apple's logo appears, repeat the entire process.

v. If Apple's logo doesn't appear, long-press the button for volume down but release the Power button. Hold the volume button until you see a black screen and iTunes detects your iPhone.

vi. You will then be guided on how to restore your iPhone.

Once you finish the steps and the process, your iPhone should be regained, and the display should start to respond normally.

Part 2: Tips when there is a hardware problem

A hardware problem can occur if the iPhone fell and got damaged. If this is the case, you may want to try the following tips

1) Tap, press, or smack your device

It will help if you tap your iPhone's screen gently. Don't rush to do this to avoid damaging the iPhone. You can also smack your iPhone gently on your palm or a smooth surface. This method has worked for some people, but it's not a guarantee. Try it out to see if it works for you.

2) Get your phone repair service

Some hardware problems require you to visit a repair shop near you for them to in-depth diagnose and fix your iPhone. For instance, if it's the screen that has a problem, it can even be replaced. Ensure only a professional will handle the iPhone and fix it.


Good maintenance of your iPhone goes the extra mile to ensure your continued use of the iPhone. However, if this is short-lived and your iPhone display fails to respond or turns black for whatever cause, you need a way to fix it.

This article gave you a handy tutorial to ensure that you manage to fix your iPhone and regain full access to it. I hope you managed to fix your iPhone, especially by using the repair tool, Perfix, which is the better tool to fix all your phone issues easily.

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