The Ultimate Guide to Fix Cracked iPhone Screen - 2023

Campbell Adams | Dec 14, 2022

5-year smartphone engineer, with rich experience in iOS software issues. He presents the most actionable solutions for readers in the most easy-to-understand manner.

Whether you are an iPhone user or not, you probably know that Apple has regularly been releasing newer models as soon as they can. The fight to be the best and the most sophisticated in the tech world has made iPhones incredibly fragile.

Even though iPhones have become slimmer and bigger with time, their structural integrity leaves something to be desired. This is why it is so easy and usual for someone to damage their iPhone screen. If you’re in that predicament, this article will help you to figure out what to do.

Part 1: Why Are iPhone Screens So Fragile?

With new forms of sophisticated technology springing up every day, consumer demands have gone up. There is a lot of competition in the smartphone market to have better, more intricately designed, bigger and sophisticated devices. But with the shiny thin designs and bezel-less devices, there has to be a compromise somewhere.

cracked iphone screen fragile screen

cracked iphone screen fragile screen

This compromise appears in the form of a more vulnerable screen and less durability in the new iPhone models.

As far as the technical side is concerned, it goes something like this. Your phone screen has a certain amount of elastic energy contained in it. But when you drop your phone, this energy is transformed into surface energy. And when the energy created by the impact becomes greater than surface compression, your screen cracks or totally shatters.

The level of damage of course depends on the force of impact. But that is the gist of what happens when your phone falls.

Part 2: Possible Solutions for Cracked iPhone Screen

Now that you have cracked your iPhone screen, you can’t really turn back time. So, the next best thing is to find ways to fix the situation. We scoured the brilliant minds of the internet and created a list of possible methods you could use to fix your cracked iPhone screen.

Option 1: Use Packaging Tape

Let’s be real. When we crack our iPhone screen, no one is saying ‘Hey let’s go buy the same model again when Apple is just gonna release a new one soon enough. ’ So, the smart thing is to just wait it out till the new model comes along and you can get a newer, fancier device with your money.

The thing is that it is difficult and sometimes even dangerous to use an iPhone with a damaged screen. You don’t want to damage it further to the point of no return. And nor do you wanna get cuts and slices when using your phone.

The solution? Simple yet quite effective. Take some packaging tape and cover the entire screen of your iPhone with it. Now take an X-Acto knife or a tool just as precise and cut the extra packaging tape at the corners. With some patience, your phone screen will just look like it has a protector on it. And you’ll be able to use your device accident-free.

Option 2: Use a Screen Protector

If you can spring some money, you can go for an actual screen protector. It will be easier to apply and won't have any rough edges peaking out. I know that some rough cuts will be the least of your worries right now when you have a creaked screen. But you need to think about the future and the time you’re gonna need to spend with this repair.

cracked iphone screen not responding check screen protector

cracked iphone screen not responding check screen protector

And in long term, you’ll probably want something neater than the seams on the surface, or weird edges. So if you can, go for the fancier version of packaging tape and buy a screen protector.

Option 3: Replace Your Screen DIY Style

You can always replace your iPhone’s screen yourself. If you have a steady hand and dabble in some DIY stuff, this might be a good option for you. iFixit has some great tutorials with helpful images. We will link their guide here in case you want to follow it.

However, before you decide to replace your device’s screen, look into the price of the replacement screen. More sophisticated technology means higher prices. And iPhone’s fancy screens with biometrics and sensors don’t usually come cheap.

Option 4: Contact a Professional

When it comes to Apple products, it is almost always a better option to take them into the shop. Or at the very least, try the shop option first. So look for an Apple store near you and take it in. If you have some kind of insurance plan, this is the safest and best bet for you.

You can even use the new mail-in services provided by Apple. You just contact the Apple store; tell them your problem and they send someone to take your phone. The phone is then fixed and returned back to you.

Part 3: How to Tell If You Broke the Glass Screen or the LCD

When you drop your phone, the first panic is usually ‘Oh no! Did I just break my LCD?’. It can be crucial to find out where the damage is because LCD and glass screens have wildly different importance in a functioning iPhone.

Difference Between an LCD and a Glass Screen

If you’ve ever broken your iPhone screen, you know that there are usually two repair options: one for the glass screen and the other for LCD. And the price of the latter is a whole lot more. So the first thing we need to clear up is the difference between the two screens.

Glass Screen:

The glass screen on your phone acts as a kind of an external protective layer for the display. It is a glass film between layers of plastic, and it is designed for durability. But even though it is specially designed, it is usually pretty cheap. Because at the end of the day, glass can only be so much expensive.

LCD Screen:

The layer below the external glass layer is the more fragile LCD or Liquid Crystal Display. It is responsible for everything you see on the screen along with any and all touch operations you perform. So it makes sense that it is the more expensive of the two layers. The functionality of the iPhone depends on it.

How to Find Out Which Screen is Broken?

Most often, the damage to your iPhone screen will be pretty obvious. If only the glass layer is damaged, the iPhone will be functioning perfectly fine without any problems on the screen.

But sometimes, you drop your phone and it seems perfectly fine until you try to use it. This happens when your LCD is damaged. SO whether your phone ended up with cracks upon falling or not, check for the following telltale signs of LCD damage:

  • There are blurred or discolored or black spots on your screen.
  • Your screen is completely black and isn’t responding.
  • Patterns on the screen or lines that go beyond the cracks on the surface.
  • Some areas of your phone are not responding to touch very well or not at all.

If you observe any of these signs, there is a very good chance that your LCD has gotten damaged, and your wallet is going to bear the burden.

Part 4: Repair Information for a Cracked iPhone Screen

The good thing about Apple is that it provides support services for all kinds of problems. Some possible repair options provided by Apple include:

In-Person Repair Option

You can make an appointment with Apple Support for someone to come to your house or wherever you are to repair your device. You can go to an authorized service provide or support center near you.

You should remember however that it is not always possible to make repairs on-site and sometimes they will have to take your device to the repair center.

Mail-In Repair Option

You can even arrange to mail your phone to the Apple repair center to get it fixed. Just contact Apple Service and they will send you a box to collect your phone. The box already has all the shipment details and labels so all you need to do is to ship it whenever you can.

Prices of iPhone Screen Replacement (US)

Apple provides you with prices of screen replacement upfront. So if you’re thinking of getting a replacement screen, you can easily check its price. But remember that these prices only apply to screen. Any other damages to be fixed will incur separate charges.

If your device doesn’t have a warranty anymore, check the full list of scrren replacement of Apple support:

cracked iphone screen full list of screen replacement

cracked iphone screen full list of screen replacement

If you have AppleCare+, then the price for screen replacement will follow these rates:

cracked iphone screen full list of screen replacement applecare

cracked iphone screen full list of screen replacement applecare

To Sum Up

If you have no idea what to do if you cracked your iPhone screen, this article is a very good starting point. It will tell you all you need to know about a broken iPhone screen. You will also get help about possible ways you can repair the screen.