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  • 1. What if my Android phone is not recognized by Mobitrix?

    1). Change the USB configuration to MTP or PTP. Guide >>

    2). Download and install the driver for your phone. Guide >>

    3). Then follow the instructions below: 

    4). Unlock the device.

    5). Unplug device and try other USB ports.

    6). Restart the program and connect the device.

    Your device is most likely to be recognized after following the instructions above. If not, you can contact [email protected] please.

  • 2. What if my iPhone is not recognized?

    1) Unlock the device.

    2) Tap trust button.

    3) Check if iTunes can recognize your device. If not, please update iTunes to the latest version.

  • 3. How to install the driver for my device? My device is Samsung. 

    If your device brand is Samsung, you should open the official site of Samsung to download the corresponding driver. 

    Step 1. Open the site of on your computer. 

    Step 2. Choose your device name and type, and then click on PRODUCT INFO. 

    product info

    Step 3. Enter other information and tap on CONFIRM.

    Step 4. Then click on ‘Download’ to install the driver on your computer.

  • 4. How can I change the USB configuration when my device is not recognized?

    Connect your Android phone to computer and tap on the pop-up window saying “Connected as a…”. Then you can select the USB configuration as MTP or PTP.

    change usb configuration

  • 5. How to activate Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer on Windows/Mac?

    To register and activate Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer on Windows/Mac computer, you can refer to the steps below:

    • Run Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer and tap on the user icon on the right corner. 
    • Input the licensed email and license code on the popup window to activate the software. 
  • 6. What’s the Differences between the trial and full version? 

    You can use the free trial version to back up WhatsApp messages. To transfer or restore WhatsApp, you will need to upgrade from trial version to full version. 

  • 7. How to switch the language on the interface?  

    To switch the UI languate on Windows, you need to click the navigation bar on the upper right corner and select Language to switch the language you want.

    To switch the UI languate on Mac, you need to change the system language.

    • On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Language & Region.
    • Click General.
    • Click the Add button and add the language you want in the list.
    • Relaunch the program and you will find that the UI language has been switched to the language you select.
  • 8. The progress bar has been stuck for several minutes, why?

    Please check if there is guidelines on the interface. If there is the guidelines, you should follow the guidelines to initial the process.

    If there is no guidelines on the interface, it might be the reason of the large data size of your device. If so, please wait patiently.

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