4 Maneiras de Transferir o WhatsApp Entre Dispositivos Android


October 17, 2020. Filed to: Resource BR

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  • 1. Método Recomendado para transferir o WhatsApp de um Android para outro
  • 2. Transferir o WhatsApp de Android para Android através do Backup do Google Drive
  • 3. Transferir Dados do WhatsApp do Android para outro Android através de Backup Local
  • 4. Transferir Mensagens do WhatsApp através da Alteração do Número de Celular
  • Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer

    1 click to transfer WhatsApp: It can be used to transfer WhatsApp between Android and iPhone devices easily and quickly.

    • • All chats & attachments can be transferred: All WhatsApp chat history and the attachments can be transferred, including texts, images, videos, emojs, files, etc.
    • • Backup WhatsApp for FREE: You can also use it to Backup WhatsApp on both Android and iPhone to the computer. And there is no storage limitation to backup WhatsApp messages.
    • • Your privacy is protected: Any of your WhatsApp data or other information will be kept on your own computer and will not be released.
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