How to Enter Secret Passcode to unlock iPhone

This article will show you 4 effective ways to unlock an iPhone to achieve the same goal, just like a magic key or secret passcode for any device.


Bradley | Oct 15,2021
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How to Enter Secret Passcode to unlock iPhone

Sometimes you may forget your iPhone passcode and wonder how you can access it without having the passcode or if you can use any secret passcode to unlock any iPhone.

This article will discuss how you can use to achieve the same goal, like having a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone.

Part 1: Use LockAway, the Best Software to Unlock Any iPhone (the most convenient way)

One of the essential things in considering the tools you can use to unlock your iPhone without the passcode is the effectiveness of the software and how easy it is.

LockAway is a very effective tool that has helped many people bypass their iPhones' passcode without having the passcode.

LockAway is very friendly with only three steps that any person can use, even those who are not skilled.

Benefits of using LockAway:

  • The software does not prompt for your password.
  • There is no need to use iTunes as LockAway can be used independently.
  • It works well on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • The software is compatible with all versions of iOS and all iPhone models.
  • The software can bypass all locks such as Face ID, 4- and 6-digit passcode, and Touch ID.

The following are the guidelines for using LockAway:

  • 1. Download the LockAway from the official website and install it on your computer.
  • 2. After launching it, use a USB cable to connect it to your iPhone.
  • 3. Select the "Unlock Screen Passcode" option
  • secret passcode to unlock any iphone - Unlock Screen Passcode Home Menu
  • 4. Select the "Start" option.

Ensure that your iPhone remains connected till the passcode has been removed completely. You can then set up your iPhone and set another passcode that you can remember easily.

Part 2: Erase iPhone Passcode via "Find my iPhone"

If the use of LockAway does not work for you or you have no access to a computer, you can use Find My iPhone as the secret passcode to unlock any iPhone.

To use this feature, ensure that you have synced your device with iCloud and that the Find My iPhone feature is enabled, then follow the guideline's explained below:

  • 1. Use any browser to open the iCloud website. Log into the apple account that is associated with your iPhone
  • 2. On the main iCloud screen, select "Find iPhone" to access the Find my iPhone feature.
  • 3. Select the device that you want to use the Find my iPhone" feature.
  • secret passcode to unlock any iphone via find my phone all devices
  • 4. Hit the "Erase iPhone" option to delete all the contents of your iPhone. After the iPhone is erased, you will be able to access it as if it was new, and you can set a new passcode.
  • secret passcode to unlock any iphone via find my phone erase ipad


  • 1. For the method to work, the Find My iPhone feature has to be enabled. Otherwise, it will not work.
  • 2. The method deletes all your contents. Without a backup, you will lose your memories.

Part 3: Remove iPhone passcode under the recovery mode

The use of recovery mode is another method that you can try to unlock your iPhone. This method works by erasing the contents of your iPhone enabling you to access it without the passcode

To use it, follow the guidelines below:

  • 1. On a computer that has iTunes, connect your iPhone to it via a cable.
  • 2. Start iTunes, then put your iPhone to recovery mode as follows:
    • iPhone 6S or earlier models; press the Power and Home buttons for a while till the logo for Apple pops up
    • iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus; search for the Side and the lower volume buttons and hold them long enough until the logo for Apple appears. Continue to press and hold the Side button and Lower Volume button, even if the Apple logo appears
    • secret passcode to unlock any iphone iphone7
    • iPhone 8 or newer models; Press the Side button for a while until the Apple logo shows up.
    • secret passcode to unlock any iphone iphone8
  • 3. On successful putting of iPhone to recovery mode, a window will pop up saying there is a problem with your device and you need to recover it. Select the "Recover" option.

iTunes will download the appropriate software, and the passcode will be removed. The iPhone will be restarted after the process is completed, and the passcode will be removed.


  • 1. The process is a little complicated, making it a wrong choice for the elderly and children.
  • 2. iTunes has to be installed, and it may be unfriendly.

Part 4: Delete iPhone Passcode under the DFU Model

DFU is another secret passcode to unlock any iPhone that can be used. However, this method is recommended as the last option because it may cause damage to your device.

You can only try it as the last resort when none of the methods have worked.

The steps for this method are as follows:

  • 1. Use a cable to connect your iPhone to a computer that has iTunes installed.
  • 2. Turn your iPhone off, then on, press the buttons for Power and home simultaneously for about ten seconds.
  • 3. Let go of the power button but hold onto the Home button for a while until the iTunes logo appears.
  • 4. From the iTunes screen, select your iPhone, then select "Restore iPhone."

Your iPhone will be restored to factory settings allowing you to access it without the password. You can then set it up and start using it again.


  • 1. The method is a little complicated. Need people who are experienced.
  • 2. Your iPhone may fail to be detected in iTunes, making it hard to complete the steps.


As explained in this article, there is a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone, using one of the methods presented in this article.

If you wish to try a straightforward and effective method, we recommend you go for LockAway. LockAway is very easy hence allowing all users, including the elderly and children, to use it.

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