Little Known Ways to Recover Apple ID in 2021

When your Apple ID has problems, it is very annoying. The content of the articles is diverse, which includes various useful methods to the users.


Bradley | Sep 27,2021
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How to Recover Apple ID

An Apple ID is essential in accessing services such as purchasing apps or music, accessing iCloud services, and other services. Therefore users who may not be having their Apple ID credentials may have a lot of problems accessing these services.

This article has gathered all the useful ways that can be used to recover the Apple ID hence be able to enjoy services associated with the Apple ID.

1. Reset your Password

One way of accessing iCloud services when you don't remember the Apple ID is resetting your password.

Here below are steps on how you can reset different iDevices:

a) iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad :

1. Locate the application for Settings and open it.

2. Choose to provide another password after clicking on your Name then going for the option of "Password and Security."

reset apple id password

3. You will be asked to provide the passcode you provided when you enabled the password for iCloud.

4. Follow the instructions being displayed on the screen to reset your password.

b) MAC

For users with macOS, High Sierra, Mojave, or Sierra:

1. Choose the menu for Apple and head to System Preferences, and hit the option for iCloud.

2. Select the option for your iCloud credentials.

3. Choose to forget your password and by following the guidelines provided on the screen, set up another password.

4. Select Security > reset/Change password. On the prompt to provide your mac password, provide it.

For mac users using Catalina:

1. Choose the menu for Apple and go to System preferences, where you will choose your Apple ID.

2. Select the option for "Password and Security."

3. Go for the option of forgetting your Apple Id and its Password and set up another password that you can remember using the guidelines on the screen.

4. Click on "Change Password", then enter your mac password.

2. Use the Apple Support app

You can use any of your family members' iDevice and access the Apple support app. The following steps will help you access your Apple ID:

1. Select "Password and Security" from the Topics section.

reset apple id via apple support app

2. Choose the option for resetting your iCloud credentials

3. Begin the process by choosing the option for getting started, then choose the "Different Apple ID" option

4. Provide the Apple Id that needs to be reset the password

5. Tap on "Next then follow the displayed instructions till you can confirm that the password has been changed.

3. Use the "Find my iPhone" app

This app is suitable for iOS 9 to 12 who cannot use the Apple support app. Follow the steps below:

1. Launch Find My iPhone app.

2. Ensure the field for entering Apple ID on the signing-in screen is empty.

reset apple id via find my iphone app

3. Choose "Forgot Apple ID or password" and complete resetting the password by following the instructions shown on the screen.

In case the screen does not show up, you can sign out, ensure that the Apple ID field is empty and follow the steps above.

4. Security verification issues

If the other methods are not useful to you, it means that you may not be signed in to iCloud. The following steps may help you:

1. Use any browser to open the Apple ID account page, and choose "Forgot Apple ID and Password".

2. Provide the needed Apple ID

3. Choose to reset the password and continue by clicking on "Continue."

4. Decide the way you will use to set up a new password

  • You could answer security questions if you set an account with them.
  • You can select an email and use the password sent to the email.
  • You can also use the recovery key by using two-factor authentication or two-step verifications.

5. Two-step verification

1. Use any browser to open the Apple ID account page and select "Forgot Apple ID and password."

2. Provide the Apple ID, then click on "Reset password" and continue.

3. Key in your Recovery Key.

recover apple id via two-step-verification

4. Select a trusted device that will be used to send the verification code.

5. Key in the verification code.

6. Provide another password that you will be using, then select "Reset Password."

The new password that you provided can be used to access iCloud services.

Use LockAway without having your Password and Email

LockAway is an efficient software that can reset your Apple ID by following a few simple steps. It is 100% effective and can reset your Apple ID without asking for the email ID or Password.


1. Use the cable of the Device to connect it to a computer that has LockAway installed in it. Select the "Trust this computer" option for the software to access your device.

2. Select the "Unlock Apple ID" option.

3. Click "Start" to remove Apple ID from your device.

Mobitrix LockAway - Unlock Apple ID - Home

Once your device restarts, the Apple ID will be removed. With LockAway removing your Apple ID is guaranteed. Moreover, it has its advantages such as:

1. It's easy to use LockAway to remove your Apple ID.

2. LockAway is compatible with all iOS devices.

3. You don't need to have iTunes to use LockAway.

4. It is safe and secure to use LockAway.


It's troublesome whenever the Apple ID fails to work as it should. With this article, you learned how to fix this and the different methods that you can use to remove the Apple ID. The article suggests using LockAway over the other methods as the tool is easy to use and effective in removing the Apple ID.

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