How to Unlock Any Phone Password

This article delivered tutorials of how to unlock any phone comprehensively.


Bradley Jonathan | Last Updated: Feb 02, 2022
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How to Unlock Any Phone Password

Your phone is designed to be secure from unauthorized access, and that's why when you try enter-ing the wrong passcode too many times, the phone will be disabled. When this happens, you need to erase your phone for it to be usable again.

Erasing your phone will lose all its data and settings, but restoring the iPhone won't be a biggie if you have a backup. This post will introduce how to unlock any phone password, even without los-ing data. Why don't you stick around to find out?

Part 1: Don't be Hasty to Guess the Password

When people forget their phone password, panic occurs in them, resulting in them rashing to guess the password, which is wrong. At times all you need is to relax and take your time to remember the password and rushing to guess it consumes your chances to get it right without your phone being disabled.

It's recommended to take your time and make at least the almost correct guess. So, if you forget your phone password, take your time and make the best guess at it.

What if you can't get it right? Worry not because the section below introduces the best way to un-lock any phone password without losing your data and settings.

Part 2: How to Unlock Any Phone Password using LockAway

As earlier noted, erasing your phone will delete all your data and settings. What if there is a way to erase your phone without losing your data? Actually, you can erase your phone and unlock it using LockAway without any data or settings getting lost.

LockAway is a professional tool to use to unlock any phone password most simply and securely. Some of the great benefits of using LockAway include:

  • i. LockAway quickly unlocks your phone's password.
  • ii. No data is lost when using LockAway.
  • iii. LockAway supports unlocking the passcode of any iOS version.
  • iv. The tool is safe and reliable to use.
  • v. No iTunes is required to unlock your password when using LockAway.

Regardless of the type of lock your phone has, LockAway will still unlock it. This professional tool can unlock Touch ID, 4/6-digit passcode, alphanumeric passcode, and Face ID.

How to unlock any phone password using LockAway:

LockAway will do the rest and inform you when your device is successfully unlocked.

Part 3: How to Unlock Android Password via the "Forgot Pattern"

If using an Android 4.0, you can unlock the forgotten password by resetting it using your Google account.

To unlock the Android, follow these steps:

  • i. If the Android is disabled after entering the wrong password five times, click the "For-got Password" or "Forgot Pattern."
  • how to unlock any iphone password forgot pattern five times
  • ii. You will be prompted to add your Google account credentials.
  • iii. Once your Google account is verified, the Android will be unlocked.
  • how to unlock any iphone password forgot pattern username and password

That's it. If you have an Android 4.0, your phone should now be unlocked.

Part 4: How to Unlock Any Phone Password by Factory Resetting it

If using an Android phone and the method above doesn't apply to you, you can opt to factory reset your phone to unlock it. Factory resetting your phone will delete all your data. So, ensure it's the last resort and have a backup of your phone, then proceed with the steps below.

  • i. Turn off the Android and eject the SD card.
  • how to unlock any iphone password factory reset
  • ii. If using a Samsung or Alcatel, press the volume up, home, and power buttons simulta-neously until the Android enters recovery mode. If using other types of phones, press the power and volume up buttons.
  • iii. Enter the recovery mode, then press and release the phone's power button and press the volume button to enter recovery mode.
  • how to unlock any iphone password factory reset like htc
  • iv. Scroll using the volume keys and use the power button to select the reset option.
  • how to unlock any iphone password factory reset enter recovery mode
  • v. Click the "Yes" option to confirm factory reset your phone.
  • how to unlock any iphone password factory reset yes option

Your phone will be reset, and when it reboots, go ahead and set it up. The locked password will have been removed alongside all your data and settings.

Part 5: Unlock Password via the Samsung Account

If you are a Samsung user, you've probably been locked out of your phone due to failed login such as failed fingerprint or password. Well, today is your lucky day because you will learn how to un-lock your phone using your Samsung account. All you need is to follow the steps below:

  • i. From your browser, using your Samsung account credential, log in to the Find My Mobile website.
  • ii. You will be notified that your Samsung has been located.
  • iii. Click "More" > "Unlock My Device."
  • iv. Enter your Samsung account password associated with the locked phone.
  • v. Click the "Unlock" option.

Your phone will then be unlocked, and you can continue enjoying it.


Being locked out of your phone due to a forgotten password is common, and having a way to counteract this is vital. This post discussed how to unlock any phone password using various methods depending on your phone model.

However, if you want a quick, safe, unlocking your iPhone without losing any data, try using LockAway. The professional tool will fix all your iPhone issues instantly, including unlocking your phone.

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