How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password

This article will discuss solutions about how to remove apple id from iphone


Bradley | Aug 27,2021
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How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password

Having your Apple ID linked to your Apple devices is essential for properly syncing the devices to ensure they are connected. However, if you decide to sell your iPhone, you need to remove the Apple ID.

This article will show you the quick and easy methods to use to remove your Apple ID.

Part 1: Circumstances under which you need to remove your Apple ID from your iPhone

Having your iPhone linked to your Apple ID is beneficial, but you need to remove the Apple ID at times. Such times include:

1. When selling your iPhone to prevent the new user from accessing your data and give them control over the iPhone.

2. When gifting out your iPhone to allow the new owner to use their Apple ID.

3. When you bought a second-hand iPhone with iCloud lock enabled, you need to delete the Apple ID to turn the iCloud lock off.

4. When trading out your old iPhone model.

Part 2: How to remove Apple ID from iPhone

There are various methods to use to remove your Apple ID.

1. Remove your Apple ID from your iPhone

You can remove the Apple ID from your iPhone under Settings provided you know your Apple ID password, as shown below.

i. Open Settings and click on your Apple ID.

ii. Click iTunes & Apple Store.

iii. Click “View Apple ID”.

remove apple id viewing apple id

iv. Click “Remove this Device”.

remove apple id removing this device

v. Click “Back” > “Exit”.

vi. Enter your Apple credentials, then click “Close” to confirm.

vii. Finally, click “Sign Out”.

2. Remove your Apple ID from a Browser

If you know the Apple ID credentials visit, then do the following.

i. Enter your Apple credentials, then click the right-pointing arrow.

ii. Input your verification code and click on your iPhone to remove it.

iii. Click “Remove from Account”.

iv. Click “Delete this iPhone”.

remove apple id from a browser

The Apple ID will be deleted.

3. Delete your Apple ID on the iCloud website

You can also delete the Apple ID from your iCloud account, as shown below.

i. Log in to your iCloud account using your Apple credentials.

ii. Click “Find My iPhone”.

iii. Click “All Devices”.

iv. Find your target iPhone, then click “Remove from Account”.

delete apple id on icloud website

Once the iPhone is removed from your iCloud account, the Apple ID will be removed.

4. LockAway (Remove your Apple ID from your iPhone without a passcode)

If you are using a second-hand device and it has the Apple ID of the previous owner, and you need to remove it without their details, LockAway is the better tool to use. With LockAway, you will safely remove the Apple ID with just a few steps.

1) Download and install LockAway on your computer.

Mobitrix LockAway- Unlock iPhone Passcode

2) Click “Unlock Apple ID”.

3) Connect your iPhone and when detected, click “trust”.

4) The instructions on the screen will guide you.

The iPhone will restart once the process completes, and the Apple ID will be deleted. You then need to sign in using a new or different Apple ID.

LockAway supports most iOS devices and effectively and easily removes the Apple ID, making it the most recommended method to use.

5. Delete Apple ID without password by recovering iPhone

You need to have your password to delete your Apple ID if used in services such as iMessage and iCloud. However, using iTunes to restore the iPhone will remove the Apple ID without using a password. Follow the steps below.

i. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

ii. Enter your iPhone into recovery mode:

iPhone 8 or later models: press and release the volume-up button, repeat the same for the volume-down button, then long-press your iPhone’s side button until it enters recovery mode.

iPhone 7 Plus or 7: long-press volume-down and Side buttons until the iPhone enters recovery mode.

delete apple id by recovering iphone

iPhone 6s or earlier models: long-press the Side and Home buttons until the iPhone enters recovery mode.

iii. You will be prompted to either update or restore. Click “Restore”.

iv. iTunes will download the software it needs to fix your iPhone and remove the Apple ID.

Let iTunes finish the process with no interruptions. Once the process finishes, your Apple ID will be deleted successfully.

Using iTunes is disadvantageous as the process is complicated, and it’s risky to erase your iPhone using recovery mode.


iPhone is essential in running normal daily activities. This article introduced you to how you can remove your Apple ID and the circumstances that require you to remove the Apple ID. The methods addressed ensure that you can still remove the Apple ID, especially by using LockAway software, whether you have the Apple credentials or not.

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