Pro Tips: How To Recover Apple ID Password? -2023 Guide

Bradley Jonathan | Sep 15, 2022

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Forgetting your Apple ID password feels like the world is crashing on you. It stops you from using Apple services and hampers your work if you use Apple products for professional purposes.

Maybe you changed your password and forgot it or you entered the wrong password too many times, and Apple locked you out. This guide will look at how to recover your Apple ID password and what to do if you can't recover it.

#1 Use Apple Safari to Find Apple ID Password

You might have heard of password managers or autofill services. Similarly, iCloud Keychain remembers your passwords and auto-fills the information where it is required.

It saves information like your username and passwords, credit card numbers, and expiry date, leaving security codes, Wi-Fi passwords, Internet accounts, and more. Let's see how to use Apple Safari to Find your Apple ID password

Steps on iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings App
  2. Search Autofill by scrolling the screen
  3. Click Autofill PasswordsIt will ask for your device passcode
  4. Search for your Apple ID and tap on it
  5. Tap " Password," and it will show your Apple ID password

#2: View Saved Apple ID Password in Settings

You can also view Apple ID in your saved passwords in the settings


  1. On your home screen, Tap settings
  2. Select Passwords. (In iOS 13 or earlier, choose Passwords & Accounts, then tap Website & App Passwords)
  3. It will ask you to enter your passcode. You can also use your Face ID or Touch ID.
  4. View Your Saved Apple ID Password in Settings

    View Your Saved Apple ID Password in Settings

  5. Select to view the password
  6. You can also delete the password or update the password by tapping Edit.

#3: Find Apple ID Password Via System Preferences on Mac

To find the Apple ID password using System Preferences on Mac, perform the following steps.


  1. Open Apple Menu
  2. Select System Preferences
  3. Select Passwords
  4. It will ask for authentication. You can use your Touch ID or enter your user account password.
  5. Select and click Edit

Now you can view your Apple ID password. You can also delete the password or edit it.

Saved Password on Your Mac

Saved Password on Your Mac

#4: Use Siri to Find Saved Apple ID Password

It may be new to learn that you can also use Siri to find saved Apple ID passwords. Say to Siri, "Hey Siri, What is my Apple ID/" It will show you the Apple ID password. If you say something like this, "Hey Siri, Show my passwords." This way, Siri will open up all your saved passwords. And you can find the required Apple ID password.

Way 1: Reset the Apple ID Password with Two-Factor Authentication in The Settings

Two Factor Authentication is set to ensure your Apple ID is secure and only accessible by you. When it's set, when signing in, it will ask for your password plus access to the phone number or trusted device for authentication.

Let's discover how we can reset the Apple ID password with two-factor authentication in the settings.


  1. Tap Setting App on your home screen
  2. Tap on your Name or Profile
  3. don't have apple id

    Click "Don't have an Apple ID or forgot Apple ID?"

  4. Scroll down and select " Sign Out."
  5. Tap " Forgot Password?"
  6. Enter your Trusted Phone Number, where a code will be received. It will be your trusted phone number already saved in the settings.
  7. Enter the verification code
  8. Enter your passcode
  9. Create a new Apple ID password, Reenter it for verification

If successfully done, your Apple ID password will have reset.


  • You must have your trusted phone number or device when following this method.
  • If you can't access your trusted phone number or device, you will get stuck when it will as you to enter a trusted phone number.

Way 2: Reset the Apple ID Password Using Apple Support App

Apple has developed exclusive online technical support and services app that personalized Apple ID accounts management, device failures, and subscriptions, among other issues.

Let's discover how we can use Apple Support App to reset the Apple ID password.


  1. Open the Apple Support App
  2. Tap " Passwords & Security"
  3. Tap Reset Apple ID Password and then Get Started
  4. Now Tap " A different Apple ID" and then Continue
  5. Enter the Apple ID you need to reset the password
  6. reset apple id password via apple support app

    Using Apple Support App to Reset Apple ID Password

  7. Now enter the " Trusted Phone Number" and Tap Next in the upper right corner
  8. Enter the code which will be received on the Trusted Phone Number
  9. There will be a prompt on the screen which will ask for the Screen Lock Passcode
  10. Enter the new Apple ID password and reenter to verify it

Way 3: Visit iIforgot.Com to Recover Your Apple ID Password

The help Apple users to log into iCloud or other Apple services if they face any issues when signing in. It is an official website launched by Apple that helps get Apple ID back. Let's use to recover the Apple ID password.


  1. Open
  2. reset apple id password via iforgot enter apple id

    Enter Your Apple ID

  3. Enter your Apple ID and trusted phone number which is associated with your Apple ID
  4. After entering, your trusted device will receive a " Reset Password" notification. Click " Allow"
  5. Follow the instructions on your device. (It may ask for a device passcode or recovery key)
  6. Enter the new Apple ID password, and enter it again to verify the password


  • You need to start from the first step in case you accidentally exit the web page or click the back button.
  • Moreover you may be asked to answer your security questions or get an email if you don't have the two-factor authentication or two-step verification enabled.

Way 4: Using the Account Recovery Contact to Get a New Passcode

Account Recovery Contact is a new feature introduced by Apple in iOS 15. It helps you reset your Apple ID when you cannot access your trusted device or phone number.

Note: The steps will be performed on your Recovery Contact's device. After successfully performing all the steps, your Recovery contact will receive a Recovery code which will be used to Reset the Apple ID password on your device.

Steps For iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch

  1. Tap the Settings App
  2. Tap on your Name or Profile
  3. reset apple id password using account recovery contact for ios15 iphone 12 pro

    Using Recovery Contact on iPhone or iPad

  4. Tap on the Password and Security and then Account Recovery
  5. Tap on the name that needs the Recovery Code
  6. Now Tap " Get Recovery Code." When you are ready, ask your contact to share the code.

Steps For Mac with macOS Monterey or later

  1. Open Apple Menu
  2. Select System Preferences and Tap on Apple ID
  3. Under the name, click on " Password and Security."
  4. reset apple id password using account recovery contact for macos monterey system

    Using Recovery Contact to Reset Apple ID password on Mac

  5. Click on the " Manage" icon next to " Account Recovery."
  6. Search the name which needs the Recovery Code under the "Account Recovery For."
  7. Click on" Details" and then " Get Recovery Code."
  8. Your Recovery Contact will receive the code; you shall ask him to share it

By entering that Recovery code on your device, you can regain your account and access the data


  • This method only comes in handy if you have enabled this feature on your device beforehand.
  • It is only available on iOS15 or higher, and when resetting your Apple ID, your Account Recovery Contact should be in touch with you.

Way 5: Request Account Recovery to Regain Access

"Request Account Recovery" is a method used when you don't have enough information to reset your password.

For example, if you use two-factor authentication and can't sign in or reset your password, you can request Account Recovery. It shall be the last option as you must wait for the account recovery period. Let's learn how to use this as the last option.

Steps for Account Recovery via the Device Settings

  1. Open the App Settings, and Tap on your Name
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Sign Out
  3. You will ask to enter your Apple ID password to close Find My; at this point, Tap " Forgot Password?" (In case you skipped signing in with your Apple ID during setup, Open Settings and Go to "Sign in to your [Device]" and then "Don't have an Apple ID or forgot it?")
  4. Now enter your Screen Passcode.
  5. Tap " Forgot the passcode?"
  6. Enter Trusted Phone Number and then click Next
  7. Enter the code received on your trusted phone number
  8. Now you will be asked again to enter your screen passcode.
  9. Now Click on Start Account Recovery and follow the instructions on the screen.

Steps for Account Recovery via Web

  1. Open the " Apple ID account page" (
  2. Enter your Apple ID email address which you are trying to retrieve, and click Continue
  3. Enter your phone number, which you have registered with Apple. You will be given a hint with the number's last two digits.
  4. Click " Don't have access to your iPhone?"
  5. Then click " Can't use any of these options?"
  6. IT will then say, "Without an Apple device, you will have to wait to reset your password."
  7. Click Continue Anyway
  8. reset apple id password via account recovery click continue anyway

    Click Continue Anyway

  9. Your Trusted Mobile Number will receive a verification code (If you don't have your number, then you can receive the code on your email by clicking "didn't get a verification code? Then "Resend Text or Call me" then More options s and select the email)
  10. Enter the code and click continue
  11. A message will appear on your screen "Thank You. We'll send you an update soon."

Steps to Erase Your Apple ID Password Using Mobitrix LockAway

  1. Download and install Mobitrix Lockaway on your computer.
  2. Connect your device to the computer and select " Unlock Apple ID."
  3. unlock apple id

    Mobitrix-LockAway: Unlock Apple ID

  4. Tap " Start" to initiate the process.

Now, the Apple ID and password will be removed. It's time to use your new Apple ID.

Advantages of Mobitrix LockAway

  • Safe and easy to use
  • No technical skills are required
  • Remove Apple ID in about 30 minutes
  • 99% success rate
  • It offers full support for iPhone 5s-14 and iOS 12/13/14/15/16 and later.

Applicable Scenario

  • You may need to remove your Apple ID for the following reasons:
  • Your newly bought refurbished iPhone has the last owner's Apple ID
  • You forgot your Apple ID password and are unavailable to reset it.
  • Your iPhone is disabled due to multiple incorrect attempts to enter the password
  • You want to change your old forgotten Apple ID.

Mobitrix LockAway is a helpful tool to remove your Apple ID in such situations. It is safe and easy to use. No technical skills are required. But what's the difference between resetting and removing an Apple ID password?!

What's The Difference Between Resetting and Removing an Apple ID Password?

Resetting the Apple ID password helps you get a new and safe password for your Apple ID. After resetting the password, you can access your Apple ID on all devices.

Removing the Apple ID password helps you remove the account from your device when you can't change or reset the Apple ID password. You can log in to your device with a new Apple ID. It only works for the removed device.

Final Words

This article has listed all the possible ways to recover apple id password. Try the method that suits your situation.

If you are still unable to fix it, don't hesitate to remove your Apple ID. Mobitrix LockAway is a professional and reliable tool to help you remove your Apple ID password. After that, you can set up your iPhone/iPad with new Apple ID!