[4 Powerful Ways] How to Fix Your Disabled iPhone in 2023

Mohsin Simmons | Sep 20, 2023

A Repair shop owner and technician. He handles hundreds of problematic iPhones per month. He is experienced in identifying iPhone problems and troubleshooting in the most efficient way.

Is your iPhone disabled? It happens when you forget your screen passcode and enter it non-stop 6 times. Following this action, you’ll receive notifications such as “iPhone is disabled try again in 1, 15, 15, or 60 minutes” or “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes.”

Though these alerts sound a bit scary, do not worry there are plenty of ways to understand how to fix a disabled iPhone. Here, I’ll share the easiest solutions that I have personally tested to unlock my disabled iPhone.

Why is my iPhone Disabled?

The iPhone generally gets disabled when there are too many incorrect attempts at entering the screen passcode. Understandably, this feature is annoying, but it acts as a security measure placed by Apple to prevent the iPhone from getting hacked or accessed by unauthorized entities.

Upon 7 unsuccessful attempts at opening the iPhone, the device asks you to wait at least 5 minutes before you try to unlock it after remembering the passcode. The waiting time increases with every failed aim.

So, what if you do not remember the screen passcode at all? Well, in such a case, check out the following section to understand the 4 proven ways you can reassess the disabled iPhone.

Four Methods to Unlock a Disabled iPhone

You can apply the following four techniques to learn how to fix a disabled iPhone:

  • Mobitrix LockAway - Arguably the fastest and safest method to unlock a disabled iPhone. The user-friendly interface basically does all the work for you.
  • Erase iPhone - This option appears on the iPhone screen after it is locked. However, it is only viable if the device runs on iOS 15.2 or newer.
  • iCloud/Find My - You can remotely enable the iPhone through another device using your iCloud account.
  • iTunes - After connecting the iPhone with iTunes, you can enable Recovery Mode to unlock the iPhone. You must have a PC or a Mac for this method to work.

Method 1: Unlock a Disabled iPhone via an iOS 15.2 Trick

Every iPhone with iOS 15.2 or later offers the “Erase iPhone” option to unlock the device by resetting all data, including the screen passcode.

This feature is typically available on the iPhone screen at the bottom-right corner of the screen once the “iPhone Unavailable” or “Security Lockout” notification appears when you enter the wrong passcode at least 7 times.


  • The iPhone must have at least iOS 15.2 installed.
  • Your iPhone should be connected to the internet, no matter via WiFi or a cellular network.
  • The Find My feature is enabled on the device.
  • The iPhone should already be logged in with your Apple ID. You have already enabled Find My.


  1. After entering the wrong passcode 7 times, the “iPhone Unavailable” or “Security Lockout” message appears on your iPhone screen, tap on “Erase iPhone.”
  2. security lockout try again in 15 minutes

    Security Lockout try again in 15 minutes

  3. Tap Erase iPhone again to confirm.
  4. security lockout click erase iphone

    Security Lockout - Click Erase iPhone

  5. Next, enter the Apple ID password to sign out of your device.
  6. sign out of apple id interface

    Sign out of the Apple ID interface

  7. Once you see the white Apple logo on the iPhone screen, this means that the iPhone is resetting.
  8. showing the progress of the erase

    Showing the progress of the erase

  9. It will automatically restart soon after.

Method 2: Forgot iPhone Passcode? Bypass it via Mobitrix LockAway

Using the Mobitrix LockAway unlocking software is perhaps the safest and easiest way to unlock a disabled iPhone in under 20 minutes after you can’t access it after entering the wrong passcode.

The intuitive interface guides you all the way through the process, and there is no requirement to acquire any technical skill to navigate the program.

What May Prompt You to Use Mobitrix LockAway?

Following are instances where the handy Mobitrix LockAway software can be of use for you:

  • When you forget the iPhone screen passcode.
  • When you disable the iPhone after entering the wrong passcode too many times and upon seeing the “iPhone is disabled try again in X minute/ connect to iTunes” message.
  • When you have recently purchased a second-hand iPhone, and do not know the screen passcode.
  • When the iPhone’s Face/Touch ID is malfunctioning
  • When the iPhone Screen is cracked you can not enter the passcode.

If you're tired of reading text guide, you can check the following video guide.


  1. Run Mobitrix LockAway on your computer after installing it.
  2. Now, from the home screen, click “Unlock Screen Passcode.”
  3. Mobitrix LockAway - Unlock Screen Passcode Home Menu

    Mobitrix LockAway - Click “Unlock Screen Passcode”

  4. Next, click “Start” to initiate the present iPhone passcode removal process.
  5. Mobitrix LockAway - Unlock Screen Passcode - Product

    Mobitrix LockAway - Click "Start" to remove iPhone passcode.

    Mobitrix LockAway - Unlock Screen Passcode - Remove Screen Lock

    Mobitrix LockAway - Remove Screen Lock

  6. Now, your iPhone is unlocked. Restart to set up the device.
    Mobitrix LockAway - Unlock Screen Passcode - Unlock is complete

    Mobitrix LockAway - "iPhone Unlock" is Complete

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Why Do I Recommend Mobitrix LockAway?

  • 99% success rate - exceeds the competitors
  • Easy-to-use - anyone can navigate this software
  • Fast - takes less than 20 minutes to unlock a disabled iPhone
  • Compatible - It fully supports iPhone 5s to iPhone 15 and iOS 17 and earlier versions.
  • 100% privacy protection - keeps your data away from prying eyes

As soon as Mobitrix LockAway unlocks the iPhone, you can restore the data using the backup saved on your iCloud account or PC.

Method 3: Fix a Disabled iPhone via Find My iPhone (iCloud.com)

Find My feature is generally used to locate your iPhone’s location if you misplace or lose it.

However, there is another utility that it offers, which is resetting the iOS device via iCloud account if it gets disabled after forgetting the screen passcode. Also, this process can help prevent possible breaches of personal information.


  • It only works if the iPhone is connected to a WiFi or mobile data network.
  • The Find My option must be enabled on the iPhone.
  • The locked/disabled iPhone should not be logged out of the iCloud account.
  • You should know the disabled iPhone’s Apple ID & Password.


  1. Using the browser of any mobile or computer, open iCloud.com.
  2. Sign in using the Apple ID and Password used on the disabled iPhone.
  3. From the list of options, click Find iPhone.
  4. click Find iPhone

    Click Find iPhone

  5. Next, enter the Apple ID Password and click Sign in.
  6. Select the All Devices tab and click the disabled iPhone.
  7. click all device and choose your device

    Click All Devices and choose your device

  8. Now, a pop-up box will appear. There, click on Erase iPhone and once again select the Erase tab to confirm your resetting action.
  9. click erase iphone

    Click Erase iPhone

    click erase

    Click Erase

  10. Once more, you have to enter the Apple ID Password.
  11. For 2FA, an SMS with a code will be shared on your trusted device.
  12. Provide your phone number(used on the iPhone), and click Next.
  13. The previous step will initiate the factory reset procedure. After the process finishes, restart the iPhone, and provide your Apple account credentials before setting up a new screen passcode.

Method 4: Bypass iPhone Passcode via iTunes

Starting out as a multimedia tool to play and download music and videos, iTunes also has the Restore feature that lets you reset your disabled iPhone by putting it into Recovery Mode.

So what is the Recovery Mode?

It is a handy feature, primarily if you don't know what's wrong with your iPhone. It gives you options for recovering it, using applications like iTunes to repair errors in your iPhone.

Also, the Recovery Mode allows you to reset the iPhone to factory settings after you have accidentally disabled it.


  • iTunes must be installed on your Windows PC running on at least Windows 8
  • A USB cable compatible


  1. First, turn off your disabled iPhone.
  2. Next, you need to put the iPhone into Recovery Mode. Here is how:
    • If the locked device is an iPhone 8 or later, then press/hold both the Side and Volume Down buttons until the Power off slider appears on the screen.
    • If the device is iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6, then press/hold the Side button until you see the Power off slider.
    • If the disabled device is iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone 5s, or earlier, then simply press/hold the Top button until the Power off slider is visible.
  3. Release the buttons once the device enters Recovery Mode.
  4. Now, run iTunes on your computer and simultaneously connect the disabled iPhone with it using a USB cable.
  5. This message will pop up on your iTunes screen “There is a problem with the iPhone “iPhone” that requires it to be updated or restored” Click on Restore.
  6.  the iphone that requires it to be updated or restored

    The iPhone is required to be updated or restored

  7. Afterward, click Restore and Update, which will start downloading the iPhone update software.
  8.  all of your media and other data will be erased

    All of your media and other data will be erased

  9. Once the downloading finishes, click Restore to install it to the disabled iPhone.
  10. The restoration progress bar with the white apple logo will be displayed on the iPhone, and the device will automatically restart as soon as the process is complete.
  11. Click OK and disconnect your iPhone from the computer.
  12.  Your iPhone has been restored to factory settings

    Your iPhone has been restored to factory settings

  13. Set it up by entering your Apple ID/Password and creating a new passcode.

How to avoid getting a Disabled iPhone again?

  • Setting up a Touch ID
    1. Go to the iPhone Settings menu, and tap “Touch ID & Passcode.” Next, enter your passcode.
    2. Next, select the “Add a Fingerprint” and hold your iPhone still while touching the Touch ID sensor.
    3. Keep holding the Touch ID sensor with your finger until the device vibrates.
    4. Now, lift and rest your primary finger continuously for the sensor to catch all of its positions.
    5. Finally, adjust your finger grip by simply holding the iPhone as you would do under normal circumstances, and touch the sensor using your finger’s outer part instead of the one you used earlier.
  • Setting up a Face ID
    1. Open the iPhone Settings. From the menu, tap on “Face ID & Passcode.”
    2. Enter your passcode to enter. If you have not created one before, then set up a new one.
    3. Next, press “Set Up Face ID.”
    4. Now, you are required to hold your iPhone in a portrait position in front of your face.
    5. Once you have adjusted the position, tap on “Get Started.”
    6. Set up your face position inside the frame appearing on the screen. Follow the instructions to complete this process.
    7. Once the scanning is done, tap on “Continue.”
    8. Again, do a complete circle scan of your face before pressing the “Done” button.
  • Turn off the “Tap to Wake” and “Raise to Wake” options
  • If you have the iPhone tucked away in your pocket then the accidental taps can disable the device, primarily if the Tap to Wake/Raise to Wake feature is enabled.

    1. Open Settings, and go to “Accessibility.”
    2. Tap the Touch button, and disable the “Tap to Wake” option.
    3. Next, head over to “Display and Brightness” from Settings, and switch off the “Raise to Wake” feature.
  • After resetting the device, I suggest setting up a new and much easier-to-remember passcode. Also, note it down somewhere safe.
  • If someone else is about to use your iPhone, then turn off the passcode or Face ID/Touch ID option to prevent it from getting disabled again.

I understand how frustrating it is to forget the screen passcode and disable the iPhone as a result. However, what is important is knowing how to fix a disabled iPhone.

I hope that you can now easily unlock the disabled iPhone after reading my post and reviewing the 4 solutions. However, if you are in a hurry and wish to avoid lengthy steps, then I recommend using Mobitrix LockAway.