How to Erase iPad without Passcode - The Essential Guide

This article will provide variety methods to help you erase your iPad without passcode.


Bradley | Sep 27,2021
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How to Erase iPad without Passcode


Do you need to reset your iPad, but you don’t remember the passcode? We can help! There are several methods to erase your iPad, and we have collected the top options that do not require a passcode. Read on to learn how to reset your iPad without a passcode.

How to erase iPad without passcode with Find My iPad

If you want to wipe your iPad and you do not have the passcode, the official Apple method is to use Find My iPad. You can access this on any web browser, making it a great option for users who need to wipe their device remotely, either because of technical issues, or if their iPad is not in their possession.


1. Go to, this will take you to the Find My iPhone section of iCloud.

2. Now, select the “All Devices” Option and a menu should appear of all Apple devices connected to your Apple ID.

how to erase ipad without passcode

3. Select the iPad you wish to erase.

4. After choosing your iPad from the list, options should appear. Select “Erase iPad.”

how to erase ipad without passcode via find my phone erase ipad

5. Confirm your selection and erase the iPad.

This method works if you have Find My feature turned ‘ON’ for your device. If Find My is turned ‘OFF’ on your device, consider another option.


1. This is an Apple-authorized way to erase your iPad

2. Users can erase their iPad on their own, with an official tool by Apple.

3. You can complete this on any device, including mobile devices. A computer is not required.


1. Only works if Find My iPad is turned ‘ON’.

2. You need to have two-factor authentication for Apple ID turned on (which means you must have completed the two-factor authentication previously).

3. When you erase a device remotely using Find My, Activation Lock remains on to protect it. Your Apple ID and password are required to reactivate it later.

How to erase iPad without passcode with iTunes

One of the easiest ways to reset an iPad is by using iTunes, and no, you don’t need a passcode. However, this option places your iPad in recovery mode, however, this might be ideal for you if your iPad is having technical issues. If you do not want to place your iPad in recovery mode, we recommend you use another method, instead.

Note: you should be running the latest version of iTunes on your iPad and computer. You may need to update before attempting this option.


1. Plug a USB cable (or lightning cable) to your computer, but do not plug the other end to anything just yet.

how to erase ipad with home button

2. Next, press the “Home” button on your iPad as you connect it to your computer via the USB cable/lightning cable.

3. Continue holding down the “Home” button until you see an iTunes logo appear on your computer screen.

4. The following message should appear on your screen: “There is a problem with (your iPad) that requires it to be updated or restored.” You will be provided the following options: Cancel, Restore or Update. Select “Restore”

how to erase ipad

5. Your device will now be placed into recovery mode and will automatically restore to factory settings.

This method works if you have Find My feature turned ‘OFF’ for your device. If Find My is turned ‘ON’ on your device, consider another option.


1. iTunes is an official tool to erase iPad

2. This is an authorized Apple method for erasing iPad

3. This method works with both Windows and Mac computers


1. Users must have iTunes on their computer (or download it)

2. iTunes and Mac computer must be updated to the most recent version in order to successfully erase the iPad.

3. Requires Find My iPad is turned OFF.

4. Not the most user-friendly option

5. Requires a computer to complete

How to reset iPad without passcode with a trusted computer

We are going to let you in on a little secret that not many people know: you can reset your iPad without a passcode if you have a “trusted device” already set up.

Simply choose your computer - or a computer you trust - and establish it under “Trusted devices”. Then, you can connect your iPad to the computer and reset it.

1. Connect your iPad to a trusted system and launch iTunes. Afterward, visit the “Summary” page on iTunes. Under the Backup section, click on the “Restore Backup” button.


2. Turn on your trusted device (i.e. your personal computer).

3. Connect your iPad to the computer and start iTunes.

4. Select Summary > Backup > Restore Backup.

5. Now a message should appear on your screen asking “Are you sure you want to restore (Your iPad) to factory settings? Your media and other data will be erased.” You will have two options: Cancel or Restore. Select Restore.

6. Now your device will automatically restore to factory settings.

7. Finally, if you want to save this backup and restore it later, it will be saved on iTunes.

This method works if you have Find My feature turned ‘OFF’ for your device. If Find My is turned ‘ON’ on your device, consider another option.


1. Another official Apple tool to erase an iPad.

2. Includes a backup automatically, reduces data loss.

3. Available for Windows and Mac.


1. You must have already synced your iTunes and personal (or another trusted) computer previously. You must have the computer you use listed as a Trusted Device already.

2. Requires a computer to reset.

3. Find My iPad must be switched OFF

Erase iPad without Passcode - works with Find My turned ON or OFF!

If you forgot your passcode for your iPad, the above options will only work if Find My iPad is turned off or on. If you don’t have your device with you and are not sure what setting it is in, or simply if your device is malfunctioning and you are not able to turn Find My iPad on or off, then we have a solution for you.

This option works with all iOS versions and all iPad models. You do not need to update your computer, your iPad or iTunes in order to complete the process. You do not need to download iTunes or have an iTunes account set up in order to reset your iPad. And, as mentioned above: this option works whether your Find My iPad is turned ON or OFF.

The answer is LockAway. It’s a professional tool that allows users to wipe their iPad safely and easily. The best part is that you can complete the reset without internet access, so you can be assured your personal data is safe and secure.


1. Download LockAway software (*this step requires internet access. After the download completes, you can disconnect)

2. Connect your iPad and your computer with a cable.

3. A message will appear on your screen. Select "Unlock iPad Passcode " mode.

4. A new message will appear, click "Start Now" button. This will erase everything on the iPad.

Mobitrix LockAway - Unlock Screen Passcode Home Menu

With LockAway, users can return their iPad to factory settings and remove all of their personal data quickly. If you do not remember your passcode, and you are unable to change the device’s ‘Find My’ settings, this is the most effective method. Whether Find My is turned On or Off, this is LockAway is the best option.


Users have several options to erase their iPad; with iCloud, iTunes or Recovery Mode. However, if Find My iPad turned on, some of these options will not work. LockAway is the only solution that works no matter what setting ‘Find My’ is on.

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