Effective Ways for Bypassing Activation Lock on iPad

This article will guide you on how to bypass the Activation Lock on your iPad with simple and easy methods, with which, a professional tool, LockAway, is recommended.


Bradley Jonathan | Oct 19, 2021
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Effective Ways for Bypassing Activation Lock on iPad

Anytime Find My iPhone is activated, iCloud Activation Lock will require you to log in using your credentials to use the iPad. This is annoying, especially when you don’t how to turn off Activation Lock, or when you don’t have the iCloud login credentials.

This article will guide you on how to bypass the Activation Lock on your iPad with simple and easy methods.

What is the iCloud activation lock?

iCloud Activation Lock is an Apple feature used in Apple devices; Apple Watch, Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. With this feature, Apple can guarantee user security of their devices by ensuring their devices are protected in an event that users misplace or lose their devices.

Activation Lock if enabled prevents your iPad from being resold when stolen until you enter your credentials. It automatically locks your iPad and displays a message on the screen to notify anyone that it is a lost device. Once the user regains the device, they will need to disable the feature using their Apple credentials.

What is the Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

Bypass Activation Lock for all iOS Devices

Activation Lock is a good security feature but users need to know how to disable the feature to use their iOS devices normally. The methods below can be used to disable Activation Lock on iPad.

1. Bypass via Apple ID

Using your Apple ID password and your iPad’s passcode, you can disable the Activation Lock using the steps below.

1) Turn on the iPad.

2) Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your iPad.

3) Once prompted to sign in using your Apple ID, enter the Apple credentials.

4) Once the credentials are confirmed, the process will start.

5) Once the setup process finishes, open Settings.

6) Click on your name at the top.

7) At the bottom, click on the button for “Sign Out”.

iPad - Sign out Apple ID on Setting

8) Confirm to sign out by entering your Apple ID password.

9. The final step is to click the “Turn Off” button

Turn off Find My on setting

Using your Apple ID is an instant and quick way to bypass the Activation Lock on your iPad provided you have the credentials linked to the iPad. If this method doesn’t work for your iPad, use other methods discussed below.

2. Bypass via iCloud

At times, you may be stuck at the Activation Lock and the iPad is second-hand or the owner is not near you. Still, you can use iCloud to turn off Activation Lock remotely. However, Apple ID credentials are still needed. If the owner is not near or it’s a second-hand device, request them to follow these two options:

Option 1: Via the website:

Erase ipad find my on iCloud

1) Visit the iCloud website.

2) Use their Apple credentials to sign in.

3) Click “Find iPhone”.

4) Select the blue dot from the map, associated with the iPad.

5) Click “Erase iPad”.

6) Tap the option to remove the iPad from the account.

Option 2: Via the iPad.

Erase all content and settings on ipad via setting

1) If the iPad is iOS 10.3 or newer models; open Settings then click on your username. Finally, click “Sign Out”. Enter your credentials then click “Turn Off”.

2) For other iPad models; open Settings > iCloud, then click “Sign Out”. Enter your password then click the option to “Delete from My iPhone”.

Having regained your iPad, the next thing is to sign out of your iCloud to reset the iPad.

To reset the iPad; open Settings > General > Reset, then click the option to erase all settings and content. Your iPad will then restart as if it were new having removed the Activation Lock.

With iCloud, you can remotely remove the activation lock. However, you must use the Apple ID credentials associated with the iPad. Thus, if it’s a case of a forgotten Apple ID account credentials, then both the above two methods can’t work for you. You need to use other methods from the article.

Bypass Activation Lock on your iPad if running iOS 12 or higher

If you forgot your iPad credentials, it’s time you use a more powerful third-party tool to bypass the Activation Lock safely, instantly, and efficiently by using Mobitrix LockAway- Bypass iCloud Activation Lock. In addition to LockAway bypassing Activation Lock without any password, its other benefits are:

1) It is safe and easy to use.

2) It instantly bypasses the Activation Lock.

3) You get a lifetime license to use LockAway.

4) It is the most effective method to use.

To bypass the Activation Lock, download LockAway from the website, install it on a computer that you will use for the process then proceed with the steps below.

1) Connect your iPad to the computer, then open LockAway.

2) LockAway will recognize the iPad, click “Start Now”.

3) Let the process finish uninterrupted.

Once the process completes, that’s it, LockAway has bypassed the Activation Lock with just 3 steps! The simplicity, efficiency, and instant removal of the Activation Lock are what makes LockAway be the most effective method for this case. With LockAway, you don’t need your Apple credentials to bypass the Activation Lock.

Bypass Activation Lock on iPad running iOS 8 to iOS 10

Using DNS, you can temporarily bypass Activation Lock by changing the path to the server IP from the Wi-Fi settings. With this method, you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, the iPad must have a Sim Card, and the Activation Lock will reappear once the iPad restarts, it’s a temporary fix.

Remove Activation Lock via DNS

The temporary fix lets you use social media, watch videos, and even send SMS. However, you can’t download Apple applications and you can’t make calls.

The steps to use DNS are as follows.

1) Turn on the iPad.

2) Follow the prompts till you reach the Wi-Fi network section.

3) Next to the Wi-Fi name, click the “i”.

4) Click “Configure DNS”, then “Manual”.

5) Click “Add Server: then add either of these IPs; Asia:, USA:, or Europe:

6) Click the option of “Back ”, then choose from the list, your Wi-Fi network.

7) Enter the password then connect to it.

8) Click “Back” on the next screen.

Having reached this point, you’ve successfully bypassed the Activation Lock using DNS. Only use this method if all the above methods were unsuccessful. However, note that this is temporary, once you restart the iPad you will go back to the Activation Lock. Moreover, using this method may limit some of the iPad features such as making phone calls.

Bypass Activation Lock using the official Apple method

Support Apple Official Pic

The above methods should have removed the Activation Lock but, if you are still stuck you can contact Apple to remove the Activation Lock for you. However, you must prove that the iPad legally belongs to you by showing purchase and ownership documents.

Once you have confirmed that you have the right document to prove that the iPad is yours, open the Apple Support page from your browser, and contact them with details of your iPad and the problem. Apple will reach out to you and fix the Activation Lock for you.


This article showed you the various methods you can use to bypass Activation Lock on your iPad. The methods introduced covered all possible circumstances to ensure all your needs are met. However, among the methods introduced, LockAway stands out for its effectiveness and support for most iOS versions.

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