How to Bypass iCloud by Tools in 2023

Bradley Jonathan | Sep 16, 2022

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If you have owned an iPhone before or have just gotten your hands on one, you would know that bypassing iCloud can sometimes become tricky. Unfortunately, the excitement of owning a new phone becomes short-lived when the owners find themselves amidst technical issues like these.

However, if you are one of such users, this article will be very valuable. Please read it thoroughly to find out what the iCloud locked issue is all about, along with effective iCloud Bypass tools that might come in handy.

The guide enlists seven tools that you can use to overcome this issue. Their features and specifications are mentioned so that you can compare all of them to choose the most fitting one for you. Let’s dive into each of them one by one.

What is iCloud Bypass?

For iOS users, the term “iCloud Bypass” has become fairly common. However, it is really a turning point for the troubled users suffering from the iCloud locked issue. The locking system is a layer of security by the company intended to protect users from getting their devices stolen and resold.

Getting around it isn't easy unless you are the original owner and have the necessary personal information. However, it has turned into a double-edged sword for users who purchase the phone second-hand or forget their account passwords.

Getting iCloud locked restricts iOS users from accessing some of the most important features of the phone. Without them, the phone is technically useless. Anyways, the options available in this article are a great way to tackle this issue. Keep on reading to find out all about them.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tools

Method 1: LockAway

Once locked, bypassing it becomes nearly impossible without having an authorized Apple ID and password. You can find many alternatives on the internet, but most of them are either spam or very complex. This is where Mobitrix LockAway- Bypass iCloud Activation Lock comes in.

It is an excellent tool for dealing with this lock situation. With this software, you can professionally and efficiently bypass iCloud lock, remove previous Apple ID, and regain your mobile features. All of this requires a single touch only. Unbelievably easy, right?

Mobitrix LockAway is a professional third-party tool that allows a user to bypass iCloud lock even when the user does not have the credentials of the associated Apple account. It is a practical way and is making thousands of lives easier all around the globe.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits that it offers to its users:

  • As easy as pie: iOS is often known for its complex software system. For a layperson, finding their way through the never-ending jargon-packed instructions can get very challenging. On the contrary, LockAway ensures that anybody can bypass the lock in just three simple steps.
  • Professional: Easy does not mean unprofessional. The software has managed to impress more than 100,000 users in removing their iPhone passcodes and accessing the features while keeping everything true to the reputation and class.
  • Customer security is the top priority: The company ensures that customer satisfaction is maximized by keeping all of its activities and personal information completely safe.
  • Effective: LockAway solves the issue and makes sure that it never comes back. It can keep the lock issue at bay for the rest of the customer’s time with the device.

LockAway allows the removal of various kinds of activation locks, making it a complete solution for the users. These include:

  • Second-hand phone with activation lock.
  • Restricted iPhone features.
  • The constant need for credentials.
  • The App store being disabled.

You might be wondering what the steps required for the magic to happen are. But first, you are advised to watch the easy video tutorial to gain a clear understanding. The steps are listed down below:

Step 1: Start off by making sure you have a PC with an internet connection > Connect your iOS device to this PC.

Step 2: Go to the unlock mode and select it.

Step 3: Remove the iPhone lock and Tada! You are all done.

  • Supported Devices: iPhone 5s-iPhone X
  • Supported iOS: iOS 12.0 - 14.5
  • Price: 1-year license is for $22.95, and a Lifetime license is sold for $23.95.
  • User Interface: User-friendly, simple, and straight-forward.
  • Guide: A detailed guide is present, along with a tutorial video.
  • Download URL:
  • Pros: It is affordable yet effective.

Method 2: Tenorshare 4MeKey

This tool works by jailbreaking your Apple device so that you never need to reach out to the former user again.

  • Supported Devices: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7., iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8, , iPhone X; iPad: 5th Generation iPad (2017)-7th Generation iPad (2019); iPad mini: iPad mini 2- iPad mini 4, iPad Air: iPad Air,iPad Air 2 iPad Air .Wi-Fi; iPad Pro: 12.9-inch 1st Generation iPad Pro, 12.9-inch 2nd Generation iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • Supported iOS: from iOS12 to iOS 14.
  • Price: A one-year license is sold for $59.95, and for a lifetime, it costs $69.95. It can be used for 5 Devices, 1 Mac.
  • User Interface: Vibrant and colorful
  • Guide: Detail steps in written but no video tutorial
  • Download Size: 18MB
  • Download URL:

Method 3: iRemove Software

It is a four-step solution that only supports iOS but will soon be available for Windows.

  • Supported Devices: - iPhone 5s up to iPhone X - iPad (2013 - 2018)
  • Supported iOS:iOS & iPadOS from 12.0 and higher
  • Price: From iPhone 5s to iPhone x, the price customers have to pay is $50, but it is for a lifetime
  • User interface: Easy and classic
  • Guide: A detailed guide and a video
  • Download Size: 21MB
  • Download URL:

Method 4: Dr.Fone

It is a very simple solution for anybody to use and gets your work done in only a few clicks.

  • Supported devices: no limitation mentioned; works for Mac and Windows
  • Supported iOS: iOS 14- iOS 9 and former
  • Price: 1-year license is sold for $69.95/year and a Lifetime for $79.95. No auto-renewal.
  • User interface: Natural and classic style
  • Guide: Detailed steps but no video tutorials.
  • Download size: 2.2mb
  • Download URL:

Method 5: IMEIUnlockSIM

They offer an official unlocking process. Additionally, the iCloud Removal services sold are permanent.

  • Supported Devices: This service is compatible with iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 mini, and 12 Pro Max, XR, X, 8+ XS Max, XS, 8, 7, 7 Plus SE, 6S, 6+, 6, 6S Plus, 5C, 5S, 5, 4, 4S, iPad, any Model, and also Apple Watch. Unfortunately, this service does not support Mac or iMac PC iCloud Removal.
  • Supported iOS: All versions.
  • Price: $18.95, if the iCloud unlock delivery time is 1-24 hrs
  • User Interface: simple
  • Guide: video tutorial
  • Download URL:
  • Cons: This service is not compatible with Mac or iMac PC iCloud Removal.

Method 6: iMyFone iBypasser

This option claims to provide you a complete solution to all your data recovery problems with cross-platform compatibility.

  • Supported Devices: iPhone 6s and above till iPhone X
  • Supported iOS:iOS 12.0 and higher
  • Price: The 1-year plan is for $49.95 (1 iOS device), and the Lifetime plan is for 69.95 (5 iOS devices)
  • User Interface: Not complex and friendly
  • Guide: Video guide in addition to detailed steps on the web.
  • Download Size: classic and simple style
  • Download URL:
  • Pros: If you have purchased the license, you can use it unlimited times on the same device. This tool works in all scenarios, even if you have forgotten your Apple account password or bought a used phone from somebody else.

Method 7: APowerUnlock

Regardless of any issue leading to the locking of your iCloud account, this tool is here to save you from all the trouble!

  • Supported Devices include: no limitation is mentioned
  • Supported iOS: no information was stated regarding this.
  • Price: You can unlock iOS five times by paying 59.95 and for one time at the rate of 19.95
  • User interface: straightforward
  • Guide: Although there is no video tutorial available, you can find detailed steps in words on the web.
  • Download Size: Not mentioned
  • Download URL:

To encapsulate it in a precise paragraph, this article explains the ever-rising need for an effective solution for iCloud bypassing and many alternatives iOS users can choose. Then, seven effective professional tools are compared and contrasted to help you make the right choice.

Bypassing iCloud lock is no longer a mystery and can be solved with ease. Then, of course, you can settle on an alternative that goes well with your situation. Still, by comparing every aspect of each tool, it is safe to say that LockAway rates the highest regarding its cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness.