Top Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tools

This article will discuss the best bypass iCloud activation lock tools you need to use anytime you are faced with the activation lock.


Bradley Jonathan | Oct 19, 2021
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Top Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tools

As an iOS user, often, you will face problems of activation lock on your device, which is stressful and uncalled for. If your iPhone gets locked by the activation lock, you need an iCloud activation lock remover to fix this.

This article will discuss the best bypass iCloud activation lock tools you need to use anytime you are faced with the activation lock.

Part 1: Top tools to bypass iCloud activation lock

1. Use LockAway [ the most convenient way]

If your iPhone is locked, whether it’s an activation lock or any other type of lock, you can bypass the lock using LockAway. The LockAway tool is an iOS repair tool designed to help you quickly get rid of your iPhone issues, such as the iCloud lock.

As the best bypass iCloud activation tool, LockAway has straightforward steps to offer you a permanent getting rid of the activation lock as shown below:

  1. Download and install LockAway.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer, then open LockAway.
  3. Click “Bypass iCloud activation lock.”
  4. Jailbreak the iPhone using the on-screen instructions, then click “Next.”

LockAway will then remove the activation lock in no time, and you can enjoy using your iPhone.

Benefits of using LockAway:

  • It’s fully compatible with all iOS versions.
  • Quickly bypass activation lock without using Apple ID password.
  • No iTunes is needed to use LockAway.
  • Once LockAway removes the activation lock, you can sign in to the iPhone using a new Apple ID.

2. iCloud Bypass Tool

iCloud Bypass Tool is another tool you can use to bypass iCloud activation lock with only a few steps involved.

To bypass iCloud activation lock:

  1. Click Download > Connections
  2. Provide information, then click “Delete iCloud.”


  • The software has a rating of 3.5, which is low.
  • Many users complain about its download speed.
  • The only iOS versions it supports are iOS 8.1, iOS 9.0, iOS, iOS 7.1.1, iOS 8, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7.1.1, and iOS 7.0.5 only.
  • It only supports devices up to iPhone 6S Plus.

3. Bypass iCloud Activation via The DNS method

By manipulating the DNS settings of your iPhone, you can temporarily bypass the activation lock. However, once you reboot the iPhone, the iCloud activation lock will persist. DNS is another bypass iCloud activation lock tool that you can use with the steps below:

  1. Restart your iPhone and select your Language and country.
  2. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  3. icloud unlock free via DNS
  4. Once connected, click “DNS” at the bottom and use either of the following: Asia: 155.220.58, North America/USA: 154.51.7, Europe: 155.28.90, and 109.17.60 for other countries.
  5. Click “Back” from your screen at the top left, then click on your Wi-Fi network, enter the password, then click “Join.”
  6. Click “Back,” when the iPhone tries to go to the next page, click “Back” again.
  7. Once you see the “, ” scroll to the menu icon and access your apps.
  8. You can reach out to the previous owner of the iPhone to remove the iCloud activation lock.


  • DNS is only applicable to iPhone 6, 4s, or iOS 12/13.
  • The method is not always a guarantee to work.

Part 2: Is it Possible to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock via Online Tools?

Yes, you can. However, the problem is selecting which tool to use as most of them are fake and a scam. Unless you are keen on choosing a bypass iCloud activation lock tool, you might end up wasting your time and money on useless tools.

I recommend using the LockAway tool to bypass iCloud activation most safely and simply to save you the hassle.


Bypass iCloud activation tools are helpful when you need to get rid of the annoying activation lock. The various methods discussed in this article can help you unlock your iPhone model.

If you want to safely and efficiently bypass iCloud activation lock, I recommend using the LockAway tool, the best bypass iCloud activation tool in the market.

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